The East Coast Girl Goes West

Update: I really did update this post at 5:15am because why not. This update comes from Toronto, where I just made a hot mess of myself by ordering a breakfast burrito from the new T3 Freshii, which then dripped ALL over my white tee. #classic

I’m still all smiles. Because tackle hugs are IMMINENT.

Photo on 2014-05-15 at 8.58 AM


The only thing great about 4:15am wake up calls, is knowing that you’re headed to the airport to fly to the other side of Canada for an epic weekend with one of your best friends.

Which is why I’m peachy keen sitting here eating some greek yogurt, suitcase at the door, ready to go at 5:15am — an otherwise ungodly hour.

Photo on 2014-05-15 at 5.18 AM #3 ^ the face of peachy keen.

Internally it screams, I need a coffee stat.

All of this to say that the East Coast girl is going to the West. And it’s going to be marvellous.

So while I’m away on vacation (oh hello long lost word I haven’t used in ages) – please know the following:

1. There will be an explosion of photos on Instagram. Follow along!

2. There will be an abundance of tweets with #westcoast #vancouver hashtags over at @crystalcrichard.

3. The lovely Kate will be helping me write tomorrow morning’s The C List. Over wine. And the Veronica Mars movie. And let’s face it: Logan. 

Until then – see you on the WEST COAST!

x C x


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