Happy Mother’s Day

Of the many posts I’ve shared on this old blog, to this day, the post that generated the most traffic in one day is my Mother’s Day post from 2012 – I Got it From my Mama.

Shared around the world, I received so many lovely notes from friends and followers all over the globe, letting me know how much they enjoyed the post and of course – the many feels it brought with it. Of all the things I’ve talked about on this blog – if my best post of all time is one about the many, many reasons why my mother is my best friend, my inspiration, and my biggest fan?

I’m clearly doing something right.

While I’m not about to repeat everything in that post, I wouldn’t be the publicist or blogger that I call myself without publicly letting the world know how wonderful she truly is — especially on Mother’s Day.

Because she’s all kinds of wonderful.

mothersday1 my absolute favourite photo of my mother, feeding a crow in the 70’s


Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for always reminding me that I’m meant to do great things and that you’re lucky to have me as a daughter. I know you’re biased, but I think that I am truly the lucky one to have such a strong, inspiring, compassionate, woman in my life to stand by my side as I spread my wings and try my hardest to conquer the world and make all my dreams come true.

Knowing you’re my biggest fan, the best supporter, and giver of unconditional love, advice, and smiles will always get me through even the most challenging obstacles, the hardest days, and moments of self-doubt. Thank you for always knowing the right thing to say – or the right thing not to say when I’m being stubborn. 

If I haven’t said it enough through the years, the advice you’ve given me and the trust you’ve shown whenever I wanted to chart my course into waters unknown, in search of treasures, has led me to discover the most amazing life I could have never had without your guidance. Thank you for always being the wind in my sails.

So today and always – I love you. And I’m so proud to be your daughter.


To all of the mothers out there, wishing you a wonderful mothers day. That includes YOU all mothers of fur children ;)  xo  

ALSO because I’m on fire, I actually updated the blog FridaySaturday – AND Sunday this week. Including a beautiful, picturesque East Coast post on Prince Edward Island yesterday. In case you’re into that sort of thing and want to check it out.

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