Come Play On Our Island

It’s a common occurrence.

One of my American friends or new Twitter followers mentions Anne of Green Gables and I can’t help but smile and tell them that I live only an hour away from Anne’s island. Two hours from the actual Green Gables.

Shock and awe guaranteed to follow.

Yet no matter how close I am to Prince Edward Island (or as us East Coasters know it – PEI) — I don’t actually hang out at Green Gables all that often. In fact, last time I was on that part of the island was 2006. Maybe it’s time for a visit this summer.

While Prince Edward Island is known most notably for Anne of Green Gables or that place Will and Kate visited on the Royal Canadian Tour looking adorable as can be — it’s the beautiful beaches and red sand cliffs that own my heart, every time I visit. So naturally, when I was in PEI last weekend for an Onboardly retreat — I snapped some photos to share here on the blog.

So without further ado!

A Weekend on the Island

IMG_4603 Darnley Shores

IMG_4620 Afternoon Exploring

IMG_4640 6:50am Saturday Morning Run Views



IMG_4655panoramic views  [click for the full effect]

IMG_4651 red dirt

IMG_4652 red sand beaches

Got wanderlust? Visit Tourism PEI to plan your next trip.

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  1. There are not enough words to describe my excitement to come experience all of this first hand. with you. in real life. It’s so close!!!!!!

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