The C List – May 9th, Edition

theCList_1It’s Friday, which means weekend + wine + the C List.

Hopefully not in that exact order, as the C List goes live at 6:30am EST on Fridays, but who am I to judge? #wino

Before I share my favourite links from this week – warning: tiny hamsters eating tiny food has returned – a quick note to let you all know that NEXT Friday’s The C List will be coming all the way from beautiful, sexy Vancouver.

I haven’t taken a vacation since last September. Needless to say, I’ve crossed over into hyperactive excitement. Which bodes well with the amount of things I need to do between now and then, and the sleep I will surely not get.

In the meantime, here is an extra pretty. extra sexy. extra adorable. edition of The C List.

1. Tiny Hamster Eating Pizza (via Gawker) I can’t even handle the cute.

2. The first trailer for FOX’s Gotham (via Mashable) My expectations just skyrocketed from this trailer alone.

3. The Met Ball’s Cutest Couples (via Refinery29) Two words: Ryan and Blake

4. Tilly and the Love Bug (via Tilly and the Love Bug) A friend of mine, Alana over at Good Girl Gone Blog, shared the cutest, sweetest, most perfect new blog on her Facebook page the other day. Just visit it. I promise if you have wanderlust and appreciate sweet couples doing adorable things together — this blog is for you.

5. Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast” Official Video (via YouTube) Proof everything really is better on the West Coast. Shhh – don’t tell the East Coast I said so. 

Happy Friday!

x C x

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