The C List

First of all — a HUGE thank you to everyone who tweeted, shared, sent love my way for the debut of the C List last Friday.

Of the many spontaneous ideas I have for this blog, the C List was by far one of my favourites and I’m so happy it was loved by all of you. And if you hated it — thanks for staying at bay!


And now – this week’s C List.

1. The Worst Excuse For Not Practicing Self-Care (via A must-read for the busy career gal.

2. The Killers in Prince Edward Island June 12th (via The Guardian) More of a if you’re on the East Coast, be at this concert… recommendation. Tickets go on sale today (Friday) at 10:00am AST.

3. 43 Tumblr Comments That Make You Go “Hmmmm” (via Buzzfeed) You will laugh so hard it hurts.

4. If you’re looking for new glasses… (via Warby Parker) I just ordered the nerdiest, most perfect pair of reading glasses AND when you buy a pair of glasses, Warby Parker sends a pair to someone in need. #givingback


Wishing you all the perfect weekend.  Do something epic.

x C x

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