Do Crazy Things. Like Run 5K.

I have never been a runner. Ever. 

Not in gym class. Not in university. Not if my life depended on it.

Apparently turning 30 does something to a girl: it turns them into a runner.

1907969_10100370744522749_1036623311184021540_n shameless runner selfie

After signing up for my first 5K back in January (I blame Christina Lauren’s Beautiful Player, as explained here) — I didn’t exactly get off to a crazy running start. In fact, I more or less went on a yoga bender and ignored running.

A month ago, I kicked my ass into gear with three months until my first 5K on June 21st and figured it was do or die. Conveniently, I’m running in the Run or Dye 5K.

Less than two weeks ago, I took to the great outdoors to run on the pavement and neighbourhood trails for the first time. It was the worst experience ever yet totally amazing at the same time. Now, 13 days later, I ran a complete 5k.  No walking. No stopping to dry heave.

I RAN 5K.  So clearly I needed to blog about THAT achievement.

Just wait until race day. I’m going to be a sobbing mess of emotional feels.

Until then — 10K anyone?

x C x

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