The Sugar Shack

Let me just start by saying — ya’ll know how to make a girl feel special.

Much to my enjoyment, it seems the “What I did…” posts are a thing that gets people talking (and visiting) as your comments and the steady flow of traffic to this ol’blog increased exponentially this past week.

The people have spoken and I love you all.

Not only am I posting tonight *gasp* twice in one week *gasp* BUT I’m unveiling something NEW and WEEKLY on Friday.

Let’s just say, mid-run tonight, I was hit with the perfect idea that has been on the tip of my tongue (or brain for that matter) since this blog’s first day. I ran it by my best online panel (they know who they are and they are awesome) and it got a major thumbs up with a side of f@ck yeah.

So come back on FRIDAY MORNING for that little je ne sais quoi.

In the meantime, in pure East Coast / Canadian fashion, I paid a visit to our local sugar woods on Sunday with my Dad and wanted to share a glimpse at this Canadian tradition. Complete with hunky woodsmen, fresh maple taffy on snow, and a bottle of maple syrup to last me the next ten years.

IMG_4212 the best kind of house

IMG_4107the first stop in the sugar woods

IMG_4109 sugar goodness

IMG_4131 IMG_4116 #science

IMG_4129 liquid canadian gold

IMG_4127you haven’t lived until you’ve had a  maple cream mini cone

IMG_4211 #woodsmen


IMG_4199 success! maple taffy on a stick

My sincere apologies if you’re now craving sugar.

It happens.

See you on Friday!

x C x

2 thoughts on “The Sugar Shack

  1. I have a batch of maple syrup bubbling away on the outdoor stove right now – where’s my hunky woodsman??!!! Hahaha, Mike’s been away for a few weeks… somehow this is the first I’ve heard of maple cream mini cone though, they look amazing

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