Rambles of a 30 Year Old in Need of a Vacation

Is it May yet? Because Stanley Park Seawalls and fresh seafood at the Boathouse are calling to me.

A little louder than usual. 

It’s been a ridiculous month so far. I mean, let’s face it: it’s been a ridiculous year so far. Ridiculous could also be a super understatement. And while I have managed to squeeze in a blog post a week — someone pat me on the back, seriously — it’s been hard to stay creative and enjoy staring at the computer in the very few hours I find time to R&R.

I’m not complaining. I love my life and wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m just realizing I really need to remind myself to slow down. Burnout is not sexy.

And this weekend — I’m starting to feel like I have maybe allowed myself the chance to unwind.

Case in point — while I had planned on doing either a book or movie review this weekend on the blog, my heart and mind just wanted to ramble.

So here I am rambling and I hope I still manage to capture your attention in doing so. Lifestyle (or “What I Did”) posts are my favourites ones to read on my favourite bloggers sites — hopefully you will get the same sort of enjoyment out of mine when they occasionally pop up. Let’s face it — they are WAY easier for me to write.

So on that note: here are  7 things I took the time to do since 5pm on Friday, that I really enjoy and that really allowed me to mellow the f@ck out.

1. Went for my first (and second) run outside. It was awesome.

10176080_10100363276673379_2148488361814384498_nAs some of you may remember, I kind of signed up to run a 5k in June.

I am not a runner. Nor have I ever been a runner.

So this whole experience has gone something like this: January spent thinking maybe I should jump on the treadmill, to not really doing a whole lot in February, kind of picking up the pace on the treadmill in March and then BOOM – transitioning from 3-4 minute intervals of running to somehow managing 10 minutes straight in April. I credit the peanut butter toast.

Because June is fast approaching, I’m upping my game and taking it to the pavement. It’s been challenging but with two great runs under my belt on this beautiful weekend — I’m feeling great about it all.

2. I enjoyed some very blue skies and wanderlust.

photo 2Seriously.

How often in this busy world do we actually stop to look up at those blue skies and dream?

I would argue not very often. I’m lucky that I live near the airport and I discovered in an attempt to run where no one would see me, a road I didn’t know existed that led me closer to the runways. It’s now my new favourite road because there’s nothing better than watching planes landing and taking off over head to inspire wanderlust.

3. I spent some time on Tumblr.

tumblr_n3wgsfhpzZ1qzcscuo1_1280And then spent an unhealthy amount of time looking at this picture of Aaron Paul holding a baby at Coachella thinking: “I’m not a kid person but I would have Aaron Paul’s babies in a heartbeat no questions asked.”

That’s totally normal on a Saturday morning, right?

4. I treated myself to a frap.

photo 1Brace yourself — you’re about to be mind blown.

Since deciding that I was not only going to Paris in September but also going to Vancouver in May — I have made a conscious effort to curb my Starbucks spending. In fact, I am averaging at the very most one visit a week.

Who knew THAT was even possible?

Of course, even a recovering Starbucks addict still needs a pick me up. A vanilla bean frap is the perfect Friday after work treat.

5. I made a delicious breakfast from scratch.

10155716_10100363653243729_5323909468950833454_nFor a girl who eats a greek yogurt for breakfast Monday through Friday — treating myself to my homemade Ranchos Hueveros on Saturday is always a must if I can squeeze it in!

If any of you are interested in the recipe — I could totally be convinced to do a blog post on it. It is AMAZING.

6. I curled up and finished a book.

photo 3If you’re a fan of the television show or the movies this first book in the new Veronica Mars series is a must.

And totally worth the sun burn I got from sitting on the patio in a tank top reading it. #ineverlearn

7. LASTLY, I curled up with my own book.

I don’t have a picture for this one but given that I’ve been actively ignoring editing my own book for the last six months — I’ve made a pact with myself to start to spend more time on it.

Armed with some new ideas for some fun revisions — I’m determined to finish editing it sometime this year. After all, it’s not like I finished writing it four years ago this May.

I’ll be over here hanging my head in shame.

So — what did YOU do to relax this weekend?

x C x

(A/N: If you love these types of post PLEASE let me know in the comments below, tweet me @crystalcrichard, or send a carrier pigeon. I actually love doing these kinds of posts sharing a glimpse into the life that is C — if you like reading them, I can certainly make them happen more often! x ) 


10 thoughts on “Rambles of a 30 Year Old in Need of a Vacation

  1. I’ve been having a serious case of wanderlust lately too!! Maybe it’s the “nicening” weather lol!!
    P.S. I absolutely LOVE these types of posts!

  2. as simple as these posts may seem, they are sometimes the most rewarding. they can give you a moment to decompress. so I say-BRING IT ON.

    also, I sat outside yesterday in shorts and a bathing suit top and tanned…and may have had a beer. it was glorious.

  3. love these posts Crystal! congrats on the running! i need to get back into that! also super jealous on the Paris thing! :)
    Also glad to hear the VM book is worth the read, ill be picking that up this week:)
    PS still waiting for the VM movie review…

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