Lake Houses and Concrete Skylines Pt. 2

Last night, I talked Lake Houses. Tonight, we’re talking Concrete Skylines.

If you read my little blurb to the right —->

You will see that I mention big city envy and dreams of big city skylines. 

I love big cities.

Naturally, when I found out I was going to have the opportunity to jet set up to Toronto for a day of meetings with some extremely cool clients (and people!) — I was psyched. I love the East Coast but the busy going ons of a big city just register with me in a crazy boost of ambition and ‘I need to takeover the world’ kind of way.

 me in the shower that morning

Considering I run on high energy on a good day — you can imagine how on top of the world I felt in the big city.

I love Toronto. Along with Vancouver and Halifax, it’s one of my favorite cities in Canada. So spending only a day in the city and a few blocks south of Yorkville (my favorite part of the city) was the biggest tease ever.

That said, I’ve never felt more confident in my decision to pursue a career in PR and Marketing than I did glad-handing clients and making new industry friends. Did I mention getting to talk actual fan fiction and books for an hour on the job? Yes. I do actually pinch myself daily and I definitely fell asleep with a grin on the plane ride home that night.

Travelling for work? Check.

1800473_10100335971253659_1693312624_n Day Trip Travel Essentials: Kate Spade bag, Macbook, Passport (Tiffany & Co. holder), Kate Spade Day Planner, Glasses, Business Cards (Tiffany & Co. holder) Apple Earbuds, Swarovski Pen, and Pretty Lip Color from Sonia Kashuk (Target)

1654409_10100336148283889_1956754707_nThanks to the folks at Uber! You make morning commutes from the airport in traffic extra comfy!

photo (2) Trademark Toronto Shot

1948007_10100336229556019_1240200485_n With Love from Toronto xo

Now, it’s time for this Canadian to haul ass to bed in order to get up for the Olympic Gold Hockey game in the morning!

Go #TeamCanada Go!

x C x

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