Warning: Book Hangover Imminent

On the eve of the release of the final book in Taherah Mafi’s wildly popular Shatter Me series (and one of my personal favorites) — this book nerd is anxiously preparing for bed while panic and fear that Chapters will not have received their shipment, dances through my head.

In which case, if that happens, I’m not responsible for anything I say to the sales clerks. Happy place or not.

 Potential Reality.

Stay tuned for my Twitter Feed for either an outpour of joy or a Twitter rant of anger — I promise it will be entertaining either way. And if they do have the book — someone is pulling an all-nighter tomorrow until I’ve read every last word.

Oh yeah. Wednesday morning will include extra shots in my Venti Toffee Nut Non-Fat Latte. #bookhangover

In the meantime, tonight I stole an hour of much needed quality me time to finish another book in a series owning my heart, soul, and goals in life: the Beautiful Bastard series by the very talented writing duo Christina Lauren.

photoI really can’t give much away as this is the last novella in a series that includes six juicy novels (three of which are shorter novellas), other than the fact that this concluded the series perfectly and Bennett Ryan has officially ruined all men for the rest of my life. A job I thought Christian Grey had completed way back when.

I can tell you this — if you haven’t read any of the books in this series, get on it now, start with Beautiful Bastard (read my review here), and then tackle all subsequent sequels and novellas as you see fit.

I’ve read them in absolutely no real order after Beautiful Bastard. I throw caution to the wind people. And be warned: Beautiful Player’s Will Sumner will also be stealing your heart (read my review here).

So lovers of all things chick lit smut. There’s three words that need to be used together more often. Take my advice, get thee to a bookstore and meet the beautiful boyfriends of the Beautiful Bastard series.

Then come back here and thank me, with champagne and macarons, because that’s appropriate.

x C x

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