Twenty Years From Now

Hi, hello!

In case any of you were concerned that 30 was the death of me — hello radio silence SINCE my birthday — worry not. I am alive and well and frolicking amongst work, yoga, starbucks, and sleep. Shocker, not a shocker.

But I wanted to take five minutes before drifting off to the Zzz land to share a little something for the ladies that I spotted on Tumblr last night. Because I’m utterly obsessed with Tumblr. Follow me if you’re into that sort of thing. Thought I’ll warn you — its 75% nautical east coast summer and 25% hot celebrities [read: Christian Grey].

I swear — it’s a pretty Tumblr. I keep it open at work on my second monitor as a happy mood-inducing visual.

Typing all the words, that’s what I’m doing tonight.


I saw this and something about it struck a chord, as if it was from one of my favorite books. It’s not though. It’s just something on Tumblr that was meant to be shared here. And might I add that it’s written by a C? #creepy

So to my ladies — I know some of you are hurting and have gone through some drama lately — but know that you’ve got this. It’s all going to work out. And you should never settle: life’s too short to be just another name.  

tumblr_mnp5nam97g1r9uelwo1_r1_500 x C x

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