29 Reasons 29 Ended the Decade with a Bang!

Unless you are new here, you know that every year, I celebrate my birthday with a blog post looking back on all the awesome things that happened year — the number determined by the age I was that year. Here’s last year’s for reference: 28 Reasons 28 Rocked.

On Saturday, I said goodbye to my roaring twenties by celebrating with a Gatsby 30th.

And it was AMAZING. Pics to follow soon, I promise! 

Today, I say goodbye to my twenties and really, truly welcome my thirties. And you know what? I’m pretty damn excited to see what this decade has in store because I’m convinced it’s going to be amazing.

But in the meantime, here are 29 reasons that 29 ended with a bang.

1. I had the trip of a lifetime to New York City with 5 girls that own a huge piece of my heart.


2. And I finally got to hug them years after we all met on Twitter.

img_2767Our VIP friend in the top right — keeping it real in cognito ;)

3. I became Audrey Hepburn for one night.


4. I went to my first Speak Easy. Chuck Bass was not there.


5. It was the return of the blonde.


6. I had dinner at the Bowery Hotel.


7. I fell in love with Bar Harbor, Maine.


8. Two words: Breaking Bad.


9. I ate at the World’s Best Lobster Shack. It was one big foodgasm.


10. I sang New York, New York at the top of my lungs with my girls at Yankees game after one too many ballpark beers.


11. I had my dream Gatsby 30th.


12. I saw Leonardo DiCaprio’s best friend Tobey Maguire — that’s one step closer to Leo right?


13. I watched H marry P.


14. I sat in the SNL Studio. I may have cried.

IMG_5548 No pictures were allowed, but trust me on this one.

15. Coincidentally, I met these guys in my hometown without having to travel to SNL. I really cried.


16. I watched Bella get her five minutes of fame.


17. I discovered chocolate covered Key Lime pie.


18. I watched J marry P.


19. I made friends with this guy in Florida.


20. I had a rocking Canada Day with my best friends.


21. Enjoyed more sunsets on piers.


22. Left reality by reading some incredible books.


23. I was reunited with Sheldon’s family.


24. Read the weather report in Rockefeller Centre.


25. I sat where Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack sat in Serendipity.


26. I crossed a cross-walk with Marcus Mumford.

IMG_5966 Near where it happened. It was amazing. Right Jenn?

27. Had high tea at the famous Jordan’s Pond House.


28. Returned to heaven, aka Tiffany’s Flagship store on 5th Avenue. Brought some friends this time.


29. Added three more stamps to this passport.


29 was amazing but here’s to 30 being even greater. 

I’m loving yoga. Registered for my first 5K in June. Booking flights to Paris and London in the fall.

Oh yeah. 30 is going to be the best year yet.

x C x

5 thoughts on “29 Reasons 29 Ended the Decade with a Bang!

  1. WELL DONE, C! I love you and your love for life. You seek out the best adventures, and it’s such a joy to share them/experience them vicariously. :)

    Come on over to the 30s. They’re GLORIOUS. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you in the next year! Epicness, no doubt.

    Happy almost-birthday, beautiful. Tell Bella to snuggle you hard for us!

    your silly, anonymous but def not VIP friend xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! What a great post…and what a great year you had! I feel so lucky to have shared in some of those moments! You are such a wonderful person and the world is a much better place with you in it! Love you!!! xoxo

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