All That Glitters

Dear friends.

In case any of you were concerned that I didn’t survive all that was Jennifer and Nicholas at the Golden Globes…


Hi, I’m still here. A glowing, giddy, fangirl.

But more importantly than obsessing over two people I will never meet is the excitement in my life this week leading up my Very Gatsby 30th birthday party this Saturday.

Yes, for one night only, this birthday girl gets to feel like Daisy Buchanan surrounded by my closest friends, great food, and enough liquor to fill a Speak Easy.


All of that to say — things this week are crazy busy as I balance work – party planning – and yoga.

Oh yes, I do yoga now. It’s like a whole new me.

^ me thinking of alllllllll the things I have to do before Saturday.

So odds are you likely won’t hear from me on here until the confetti has settled and the champagne has all been popped. The glitter now covering every surface of my apartment following a Gatsby Crafting party with my girls on Sunday (these decorations are out of this realm of reality people) will however, be hanging around me for a very long time. It’s not settling. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s multiplying.

On that note – goodnight! And I’ll see you all next week when I officially turn 30 and countdown the 29 most epic things that happened this year, as is tradition.

x C x

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