New Year. New Books. New Standards Ruined.

Happy 2014 all!

I hope you all survived New Year’s Eve and had a memorable night. One that did not involve an under-qualified DJ, the missing of the actual midnight countdown by 5 minutes (under-qualified DJ’s fault, not mine), and just basically a less than stellar party downtown.

Cause it’s not like that happened to me or anything.

1499437_10100309225691979_2109698733_nAt least it was pretty.

BUT —  there was champagne, amazing friends, and an end of the night sweet, heart palpitations gesture from a cute stranger to remind me that 2014 is going to be perfect.

Oh and hey cute stranger – if by some miracle of the internet you are reading this. Thank you for your coat. That was very sweet. Now visit my Contact Page. Ok? Ok.


My horoscopes for 2014 all predict the year of a rocking career, tales of romance, and a lot of travel. Appropriate seeing as all three are my top priorities this year, including Europe in the fall.

But to have a rocking career means a busy schedule — hence my failure to update since NYE. Oops.

I thought there was no better way to get the year off to a great start than to share with you a quick review of the first book of 2013 — Beautiful Player.


Earlier this summer, I shared all of my steamy thoughts on Christina Lauren’s Beautiful Bastard — Beautiful Player is the the third instalment in the Beautiful Bastard series.

Disclaimer: I skipped Beautiful Stranger, the second book in the series, because my girls told me Beautiful Player was amazing and I didn’t really need to read Beautiful Stranger to read Beautiful Player.

Are you confused yet?

ANYWAY. They were totally right and Beautiful Player was awesome.

In short, Hanna (or Ziggy as her family call her) is a 24 year old grad school lab rat in NYC that needs to get out more. Her overprotective brother Jensen tells her she needs a life and suggests she call his buddy (and close family friend) Will Sumner — the beautiful player.

Hanna does, in fact, call Will. They start running together, among other, ahem, activities. Feelings evolve, as you can imagine. And as Will teaches Hanna the ways of dating and sex, Hanna discovers that there’s life beyond the lab, running is fun, and having sex with Will Sumner is better than anything else before it.

I mean — the men that Christina Lauren write in these books just RUIN all standards I have set for men in my life. So you’ve been warned.

But really, this book is 402 pages of perfection. And the epilogue? It had me giggling, tearing up, and flailing: complete with a book hangover the following morning.  #thatstotallyagoodthing

 ^ me reading the end of this book

While many agree that Beautiful Player was their favorite of the series — I’m still partial to Beautiful Bastard. Bennett and Chloe own me — I’m a sucker for power men in suits and strong female leads that know what they want and go after it. And then of course the story, having first read it as fanfic on the beaches of Hawaii, reminds me of sand in my toes and the smell of coconut oil and plumerias.

But beautiful player WAS a close second. Because, Will Sumner is just perfect.

To find out more about Beautiful Player (or the original Beautiful Bastard), check out them out on GoodReads: Beautiful Bastard | Beautiful Player.

There are also a number of hillarious, smutty, witty, basically every word in the dictionary to describe awesome, novellas you can pick up as well that follow the main books. So you can knock yourself out with fun, sexy, reads.

SO. What book(s) have you rung in the new year with? Tell me, because I may just need to add them to my reading list too!

That’s all from me. BUT I will be LIVE BLOGGING the Golden Globes on Sunday. If you’re curious what that looks like – check out last year’s post here.

Until then – catch you all on the flip side.

x C x

6 thoughts on “New Year. New Books. New Standards Ruined.

  1. I am reading ‘the Fault in our Stars’ after your blog made me do it and all I can say is THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT but in a good way, with tears and stuff.

    Despite all of this, It’s not my first book of the year, That was ‘Waterfell’ by Amalie Howard which I saw at Shoppers Drug Mart on New Year’s Day when everything was closed and I was crazy desperate for something to read. For some reason I thought it was about mermaids and that mermaids are the new vampires or something. Turns out it was really about aquatic aliens which is not typically something I enjoy and I kind of wanted to hate it but ultimately it turned out to be a pretty great book. Who knew aliens had so much teen angst and that they fall for sexy surfer guys?

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