Christmas Countdown is On

Happy December 1st!

Or, if you live somewhere in the world that is already on December 2nd – hello to the future.

Every year, Christmas officially sets up shop in my brain around the Christmas parade (last weekend). And then once December 1st hits – it’s GO TIME.

Which probably explains why I woke up this morning inspired to do my own little 12 Days of Christmas series on the blog leading up to Christmas Day. Details to come but alllll of it will go down starting December 14thAnd I’m SO excited.

In the meantime, this post serves absolutely no purpose other than to say:

Happy December.

I’m excited.

It’s officially the holidays on this blog – please enjoy the new festive design.

Oh, and please enjoy this photo of my cat.

1483339_10100291056133919_921778469_n x C x

A/N: Psst! If you haven’t checked out my Catching Fire review and you have 6 minutes to kill or need more Peeta/Katniss gifs to make your life – then please check it out here and leave me a note to let me know what YOU thought of the movie. I’ll be most grateful, unless you’re Team Gale, then I may have a bone to pick with you. Until next time! x

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