Happy Halloween!!!

Cue Bobby Pickett’s ‘Monster Mash’ and you’re all set to start celebrating one of my favorite days of the year.

And while the older I get, the tamer Halloween seems to be – it didn’t keep me from getting into the holiday spirit with a little horror movie + pumpkin carving last night.

BUT as I mentioned in this post – I spent last weekend in Halifax where I attended my friends Sarah & Greg’s annual Halloween bash! This year, it was extra special because it was their first Halloween party in their new house!

So while the kiddies are trick or treating and your raiding the candy bowl (I see you – I know you’re doing it!) I thought I would share some of my favorite snapshots from this weekend’s Halloween festivities, including my Holly Golightly costume that I had so much fun wearing!

1377208_10100265253397809_1979031850_n Just call me Holly Golightly!

This costume was SO easy to put together, especially if you have a dress that fits the part handy (which I did thanks to my bridesmaid dress from my best friend’s wedding!)

IMG_9824Paired with a tiara (borrowed from Sarah) some black gloves, a cigarette holder and some pearls and period jewelry, the look was completed.

Oh and big eye lashes! (thank you fake lashes from Target!)

601685_10100264470242259_975508134_nThis look was just too perfect for someone who is obsessed with Tiffany’s and a lover of all things Audrey Hepburn.

Of course, let’s not forget the ultimate party essential. Alcoholic beverage.

To complete the Holly look, I thought there was no better drink of choice than champagne.

photo 1 Now, a few glimpses of the evenings festivities!

PicMonkey Collage Guacamole Brains, Spider Cookies, Table of Deliciousness

sarahgreg Hostess & Host – Paper Bag Princess and Patrick Bateman, American Psycho

SGfriends Amazing Costumes – Tonto from Lone Ranger and Marquis de Carabas

IMG_9752 The adorable (and festive!) Khaleesi!

IMG_9764 These two cuties.

IMG_9771 Greg had the whole “crazed serial killer from Wall Street” look down

And lastly, one more from yours truly!

IMG_9825Seriously, there were so many amazing costumes at this party but to keep from putting people’s faces that I hardly know, all over the internetz – I narrowed it down to those I could snag permission from.  Needless to say, it was an amazing time!  And a HUGE thank you to Sarah and Greg for hosting the event!

So in closing, enjoy your ghoulish holiday today! Indulge in a little too much candy! Carve that jack-o-lantern! And watch a scary movie, or two, or three!

It’s Halloween! 

x C x

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