Champagne, Cocktails, and a Speak Easy

Last weekend, I had what might have been one of THE best weekends that I’ve had in a long time.

It involved a trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia, amazing people, champagne, delicious italian eats, a lot of cocktails, a lot of cocktails, a Speak Easy, a dance club, British men, tequila shots, another dance club, some Iranians, and a 4am cab ride.

Oh and that was just Friday night.  I think this bathroom selfie from the Speak Easy sums it up:

photo 4 that is the face of someone who is being hit by 3oz Speak Easy drinks (pretty sure I sent that to B)

I mean sure, the night began like this:

1377454_10100263777705109_553715405_nAnd this:

photo 1 copySomething you should know is that I don’t get to see Sarah or as I call her, my S (I’m her C) very often. But when I do, we really know how to make the most out of it. After a particularly trying and busy past couple of months, affecting both of us in one way or another, there was simply one motto before we left her apartment to head downtown.

What ensued was an absolutely perfect night paying tribute to the city we both love (and I miss dearly) making new friends, reuniting with old, with a few bad decisions thrown in just for good measure. 


woodenspoon Drinks at the Middle Spoon, following dinner at La Frasca Cibi & Vini (amazing!)

After casually slipping the password to our waitress at Middle Spoon, we were added to the list and shortly thereafter escorted downstairs, through the kitchen, down a back hallway/alley into a basement, through a metal door and into Noble – the intimate Speak Easy where 3oz cocktails and mixologists await you. Very few drinks are mixed with mixers – ask if you want something sweeter so that you can’t taste the liquor. Otherwise, enjoy 3 ounces of hard liquor, prohibition-style.


noble Books. The walls are made of books. #heaven

As for the rest of the night?

Well, let’s just leave THAT to your imagination.

But let’s say by Sunday night, these macarons came in handy.

So to S – thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazing night out on Friday.

And to everyone else – Halloween is Thursday! Which means, if you haven’t already seen enough on Instagram or Facebook – I’ll be sharing some of my favorite snapshots from Saturday night’s Halloween party, including my Holly Golightly costume from this year. Sneak peek!

Until next time!

x C x

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