Corn Maze Funzies

There are just some things a girl has got to do on the East Coast in the fall.

  1. Pick out the perfect pumpkin.
  2. Take fun fall-inspired photos with friends.
  3. Spend a Saturday night in a corn maze.
  4. Blog about it. 

Last weekend, some of my favorite people (minus a few) and I made the above possible. And it was awesome.

On Saturday night, we headed out to the Green Pig Country Market about 20 minutes outside of the city where one can find their annual Corn Maze.

IMG_9235 Cute market right?

Even FUNNER is the maze behind it.

But first, I was on a mission. And that mission entailed finding the absolutely perfect pumpkin.

IMG_9224Representin’ my KJP bracelet . Want your own? Click here. At the very least, you should follow Sarah KJP’s blog. It’s beautiful.

Anyway, the only thing funner than finding the perfect pumpkin with friends, is having some laughs and snapping some photos in the process.  As a result, this blog post is happening.

So enjoy our snapshots and hopefully our fun and laughs will inspire your own fall fun.

IMG_9233I have the prettiest pumpkin head friends <3

IMG_9232 Finding the perfect pumpkin = serious business





IMG_9251                                                                                 Twilight Hour


IMG_9255 Obligatory “Scared Face”

IMG_9260Deep within the Maze


Ghost Faces! (photo credit the talented Amy!)

So – the morale of this blog post is! If you’re a local, definitely make the trek out to Salisbury and visit the Green Pig Market Corn Maze this October. I hear they’re doing a haunted corn maze next weekend and the weekend after!

If you’re not local – well, you could come visit! Or! You could always google it and find one near you!

Lastly – to all my Canadian friends – Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I’m thank for all of YOU but especially those of you who visit this silly blog on the regular, leave some comment love, or share with friends! You all rock and deserve all the turkey and pumpkin pie.

x C x

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