Adios Bitchachos!

Last week, I was informed of the “banned” hashtags list on Instagram.

Among the explicits was the hashtag #bitchachos.

All it took was for me to say it aloud and the rest was history. Adios Bitchachos became my favorite thing ever. It’s definitely my saying of the week. Maybe even the month. And the first person to buy me this shirt wins allll of the awards.

All of this to say.

Adios Bichachos – I’m off to Maine!

Maine I approve of this message

Yes, you read that right. I’m taking a 5 day mini-vacation to Maine. The annual mamacita & daughter summer trip. And yes, I do inject mexican spanish words in my sentences from time to time. While this summer’s trip is not as glamorous as last summer’s trip (Hawaii!) – I’m confident it will definitely be just as awesome with epic coastal views,  some hiking and mountain climbing driving in Acadia National Park, lots and lots and lots of New England seafood (I cannot reiterate this enough), and all of the pretty lighthouses.

Portland Maine Lighthouse at Fort Williams Park Cape Elizabeth

We are going to that lighthouse. How is that even real? I’ll tell you this much. I will Instagram the hell out of it. This I promise you.


I am hitting the road, epic playlist loaded and ready to go, in 7 hours – so it’s time to say goodnight. But I will try and update with a few photos from the road! And stay tuned to my Instagram to feel like you too are in coastal Maine for 5 days.

I will save you all a lobstah.

x C x

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