7 Animals I Never Knew Existed Before Google Docs

There are a lot of anonymous animals on the internet these days – except, they’re not so anonymous.

And no – I’m not talking about Grumpy Cat.

If you’re a fan of Google Docs, you already know what I’m talking about. We swear by Google Docs in the office.  I mean, I’m pretty sure not one member of our team could live without it. #teamcollaborationFTW. But recently, Google Docs decided to have a little fun by introducing Anonymous Animals.

And they are awesome.

Have  absolutely no clue what I’m talking about? Ok. Picture this.

You create a Google Document. You’re the author – SMILE your gravatar image is top right in the corner. Such a rockstar, you are!  But oh wait – you want to share the document with your friend, whacky aunt, book club, or as in most normal work settings – your team.

Sharing is caring.

Here’s where things get fun.  When they go to the link – they will appear as anonymous animals.

anonymoushoneybadgerIf you’re cool enough – you get to be a mother f%$*ing honey badger (last on the left).

But recently, I noticed that there were animals appearing that I didn’t even realize were animals. So much, that on team calls, we typically end up in fits of laughter as we not only discover some of the coolest animals the wild has to offer but a few new ones we never realized were, in fact, animals.


5 Animals I Never Knew Existed Before Google Docs

1. The Anonymous Quagga


Apparently this is an extinct subspecies of the plains zebra that lived in South Africa. It was long thought to be a distinct species, but recent genetic studies have shown it to be the southernmost subspecies of the plains zebra.

That’s right. This thing was so cool – it went extinct. Then was resurrected on Google Docs. Why can’t dinosaurs come back too? Oh wait. They did.


2. The Anonymous Slow Loris

slow loris Everyone together – what the hell is a slow loris?!

Well, upon Googling the slow loris, I discovered that it is one of the cutest animals I’ve ever seen.


They love getting tickled (you’re welcome) and eating bananas (again, you’re welcome).

3. The Anonymous Axoloti


This thing is so anonymous and fancy – Google Docs gave its name a new spelling! Traditionally called the “axolotl” this cute little alien like creature is also called a Mexican Salamander.

axoloti On the count of three – let’s all go “awwwwww”

4.  The Anonymous Ifrit


Just to be clear – I still don’t know what this thing is after Googling it. But here’s what I’ve got.

  1. It has something to do with Final Fantasy;
  2. It is not, in fact, an animal;
  3. It just became irrelevant to this post.

5. The Anonymous Auroch

anonymousaurochNow, with this guy, I’m immediately assuming he’s what the cross between a cute puppy dog with a big nose and an ox would look like.  The real 411? These guys were such cute dog- like-ox’s that they totally went extinct. The aurochs are ancestors of domestic cattle and they are an extinct type of large wild cattle that inhabited Europe, Asia and North Africa.

Add them to another list of animals that have been resurrected on Google.

6. The Anonymous Flip Flop

anonymousflipflopWho knew anonymous flip flops were animals?

Oh wait. No.

anonymousplatypusThat’s not a flip flop. It’s a platypus.

Moving on.

7. The Anonymous Nyan Cat

googledoccaptureIt’s common knowledge that every cool animal will eventually become a meme. Grumpy Cat, Bane Kitten, Sloth in a BoxFunny Eels; NYAN CAT.

Who cares that this isn’t a real cat.

So in conclusion – what interesting anonymous animals have you spotted lately on Google Docs? Better yet – are you an infrequent user of Google Docs that I’ve just converted? You can thank me later.

Until next time – release the Kraken! See what I did there?anonkraken


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