9 Things I Learned About Life from The O.C.

Today, I saw that it was exactly ten years since The O.C. first premiered.

Yes. Ten years. I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in.


Today, it seemed everyone on social media was celebrating this anniversary – Mashable did a “10 Things The O.C. Taught Us About High School Romance.” Hypable paid homage to the amazing music featured on it over the years.

As one of the biggest fans of the O.C. back in the day (I may or may not have fangirl squealed when I visited Balboa Island in 2008) I couldn’t possibly let this day pass without doing something myself.  I mean, what kind of fan would I be? My O.C. DVDS are practically on their own pedestal on my dvd stand.

But really, I was rather impressionable during The O.C. years. I was also going through a lot of the regular motions of a young woman. In university. Falling in love. Having sex. Getting cheated on. Thinking it was the end of the world. Picking up the pieces. Breaking hearts. Falling in love again. Making mistakes. Learning.

Becoming the woman I am today.

And you know what? That TV show got me through the best and the worst of times in my early twenties. 

9 Things I Learned About Life from The O.C.

1. Takeout is totally socially acceptable 7 days a week, including Christmas.


2. Boys who like comic books must never be overlooked. 

anigif_enhanced-buzz-9908-1363277962-8 3. Yogalates are a thing.


4.  One word. Chrismukkah.


5.  Taylor Townsend was my original Spirit Animal.


6.  Every girl needs to date a bad boy at least once.


7.  Then date a guy who knows what he wants – you.


8. Don’t settle for a marriage any less perfect than Sandy and Kirsten Cohen.


9. Lastly, life can sting. But you’ll get by with a little help from your friends.

tumblr_mr2nlqDKeU1qleer0o1_500Thanks for the laughs, the smiles, the tears, the life lessons.

I’m still working towards that McMansion and infinity pool. Just sayin.

The O.C. – let’s talk about it. Leave me your favorite memories below.

x C x

4 thoughts on “9 Things I Learned About Life from The O.C.

  1. I FLOVE YOU SO HARD RN LEGIT IT IA LIKE YOU ARE IN MY MIND!!!!!!! I CANNOT with The OC. I cried so hard over that show so many times. ugh. Rewatch is in order, I think! x

  2. Welcome to The OC, Bitch…..and our lives were never the same.

    I will forever and always be obsessed and completely and totally in love with this show. Like, I want to go have a complete series rewatch right now. It defined college without a doubt. I want to be a Cohen. I will happily live in that pool house. I want Kirsten and Sandy as parents. I want it all. My mother made me a Chrismukkah stocking which I still hang every year. It’s still a quoted and referenced show to this day (like I literally did just yesterday) and for that, it is a classic

    1. RIGHT? Ahhhh. It did define college. Which is what’s crazy. How was that so long ago. Also – we are obviously Chrismukkah soulmates. I refuse to celebrate Christmas without rewatching all Chrismukkah episodes and quoting/referencing it at least twice a day throughout the holidays. x

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