On the Coffee Table (beach table edition): Beautiful Bastard

Note: I wrote this post a few weeks back, so that when life+job+summer got insanely busy, I would have content to post. So just pretend you read this on July 7th. Ok?

As part of my Summer 2013 Wish List this summer, I made a pact to read 8 books over the summer. While I know other people who are attempting way more – I realistically thought, eight weeks of summer (July + August), with a head start in June – I should have no problem reading one book a week.

As of July 7th – I’ve read 3/8.

Not bad for a workaholic that has a hard time sitting still.

Tonight’s must-read book of the summer?

Beautiful Bastard

by Christina Lauren


Much like many of the books I read nowadays – this book was (and proudly admits so) a Twilight fan fiction once upon a time. I first read it, after it had been pulled online and when it went by the name of The Office, when the fabulous Kate (@kate_suena) hooked me up with it to read on my first trip to Hawaii back in 2011. Her words? You must read this fic. Probably followed by an “omg” as is the case with most of our recommendations.

Needless to say, several plane rides and beach lays with my iphone and I devoured it and it joined the ranks of my favorites. Not only was it one of the sexiest things I’d ever read – it was incredibly well written as well.

Not surprisingly, it’s a published novel under the name Beautiful Bastard and it couldn’t be more perfect than it was as a fanfic. Did I mention it’s actually written by not one, but two fabulous women? The lovely @seeCwrite and @lolashoes on Twitter for anyone interested.

In this tale of gorgeous Gucci-wearing intern works for gorgeous bastard boss – Chloe Mills is coming up on the end of her internship at Ryan Media when her bastard boss, Bennett Ryan, who prides himself in yelling at her and bossing her around, makes a questionable and hot as all hell move on her one day when alone in the boardroom.

Yes, I should address this now. This book will make you want things you never knew you wanted. Like boardroom and stairwell sex. You’ve been warned.

Oh and vehicular action too. I don’t even know if that’s a word but I just made it one.


What ensues, is both a witty, snarky, sexy novel with the perfect balance of story and smut.

Chloe is totally relatable for any woman who’s busted her ass for her career and you will crave her wardrobe that Bennett describes so perfectly – each tantalizing outfit. Bennett is quite honestly one of my favorite fic turned published novel characters. Unlike the other Christian Greys of the world – Bennett has a sweet spot and doesn’t come with all of the f@$ked baggage most sex gods do these days in books. And did I mention he speaks french?

Lastly, this book is just so sexy.

It will not only put a little extra skip in your step but it will make you wish you shopped at La Perla (trust me on this one) and in my experience you will require a cold shower or two. Or three. Thankfully, I had an ocean to jump into.

My advice? If you’re looking for the perfect sexy literary treat this summer – Beautiful Bastard is a must.

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