11 Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence is my Spirit Animal

As a girl, it is totally normal of me to have “girl crushes’ on actresses.

It’s 3 parts “wow, she’s so cool, I wish I was her best friend” and usually 1 part “she’s cooler than any guy I date – I should just date women.” But typically, I don’t ever think “wow – this girl IS me. Let’s be best friends.”

Usually, it’s just pure green envy at how awesome they are.

For example. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Kristen Stewart. Just because Twilight has ended – I still watch my favorite Kristen movies (non-Twilight) regularly. Like Adventureland (did you catch my Carnival post?) and On the Road. But as much as I love Kristen – she is nothing like me.

I also love Leighton Meester (ok let’s face it – Blair Waldorf). Again. As much as I have Blair-esque tendencies (like macarons, peonies, and men in suits) and would probably succumb in the backseat of a limo to a guy like Chuck – I just wish I was her. Not even close.

But then came Jennifer Lawrence.

tumblr_inline_mpuis3Z8Sz1qz4rgp  tumblr_inline_motg8vDgoC1qz4rgp

And I realized something.

She is my spirit animal.  Not sure what a spirit animal is? Where were you in the OC days?

More importantly – here is why JLaw and I just need to meet and be friends forever. And ever. And ever. 

1. I am always thinking about food.


2. Nothing I say is ever normal. In fact, I say some really stupid shit daily.


3. I have mad dance/jumping skills as well.

tumblr_mb2w4u35j71r61d7vo1_500 she stole this move from me #truestory

4. I sometimes like to intentionally wander off wooded trails so I too can feel like Katniss.


5. She dates Nicholas Hoult. No further explanation needed.


6. We both curse like sailors but are good at covering it up when it really matters. Like at the Oscars.


7. Everything we both say is funny and adorable. Everything. 


8. We’re both really obsessed with our parents.


9. I am happiest with minimal clothing on. She is too.

tumblr_inline_mif90pXVE61qkqkja (1)

10. As I’ve grown up, I have lost a lot of faith in mankind. Jennifer just gets this.


11.  Lastly, I change my mind a lot. Like A LOT.


So Jennifer.

If you are looking for a new best friend. Or you and Nick just want someone to hangout with. You know. And cuddle. The three of us.


x C x

5 thoughts on “11 Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence is my Spirit Animal

  1. Makes perfect sense. I probably selected my winter boots last year based on the fact that ‘they looked like Katniss would wear them.’ Felt amazing every single time I put them on, in fact!

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