One of the items on my Summer 2013 Wish List that I was so excited about this year was – go to a carnival!

I knew my one shot of making this happened (or the obvious shot!) relied heavily on getting to the annual Shediac Lobster Festival. Yes, on the East Coast, we have festivals in honor of lobster. Don’t you wish you lived here? (assuming you don’t but if you do – hey, you missed an epic carnival this year).

I am a sucker for rides – oceanside amusement parks are one of my favorite things in the world.

Exhibit A:

338_541706564489_7408_n Santa Monica Pier, California

Exhibit B:

305114_770637030999_1720772976_n Old Orchard Beach, Maine

But for us – the only chance to enjoy a really great summer carnival are at local festivals. Which is why I was thrilled to make it to this year’s Lobster Festival carnival grounds. Sure people technically call it a “fair” but come on – carnival sounds much cooler.

So without further rambling about my love of ferris wheels at sunset or rollercoasters on piers – here are some of my favorite snapshots  of my Friday night at the carnival! 

Which, successfully accomplished item number:

#9 Go to a Carnival

photo 2 For starters, the sight of the Musik Express sent my excitement level from 0-60. One of my all-time favorite movies is Adventureland and if you’ve seen Adventureland, you know the Musik Express appears in some monumental scenes and immediately brings to mind thoughts of Lisa P and Rock Me Amadeus.

While this Musik Express didn’t play Rock Me Amadeus – it was one of my favorite rides of the night.

It also looked really pretty lit up after dark.

photo 2Second favorite ride of the evening?

The classic Zipper.

photo 2 This is a staple carnival ride. It is the epitome of “I feel like this thing could break any minute and I will plummet to my death in a cage.” But isn’t that what makes it fun? That, plus the rush of being spun around in a cage, left in bruises (true story – my arm is a hot mess right now), and your pure fear the carnie will in fact spin you around repeatedly before the ride as even started.

I am happy to report, at 29 years old, I have still dodged the motion sickness gene my mother is known for.

photo 1 And I’m excited about that.

Of course, when you’re not feeling like having your corn dog or cotton candy shaken up in your stomach like a martini mixer on the Zipper, there is always the much calmer (and more romantic!) ride on the ferris wheel.

photo 4

Preferably at sunset. Points for overlooking the bay and all it’s ocean beauty.

sunset sunset2 I swear. I cannot make this up.

photo 2 obligatory sunset shot

photo 1Stellar Views

photo 3Next, no carnival would be complete with delicious Carnival food.

photo 1 photo 3 While I didn’t indulge in the typical carnival menu – I did score us a plate of amazing fresh cut curly chips. Splashed with vinegar, these bad boys were all kinds of divine.


And lastly, what kind of carnival would it be if there weren’t the ever wonderful (read: annoying and sketchy) carnies to lure you to their games booth and take all of your money.


That said, I’m a sucker for skeeball and batting my eye lashes to get my date to win me something.

photo 4

photo 3

photo 4

Two stuff animals later – I am confident we conquered the carnies.

And – it was another successful check off my Summer 2013 Wish List.

x C x

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