Summer Nights

Summer on the East Coast, for me, is the season of “catch her if you can.”

Last Seen:

Shore Side on her MacBook. iPhone Nearby.


Tiffany’s jewelry on sunkissed skin.


Ask any of my friends – I’m not only known for being difficult to track down, rarely available or “in the city” when last minute plans are made. I’m also notoriously known for pulling a disappearing act. While I won’t stand you up for a wedding, birthday, or epic pool party, you may be aware that if I’ve said “Well, I’ll get back to you and let you know.” that chances are, if the weather is great that day – I will not be appearing.


Because I will be curled up on a lawn chair on the shore at my parent’s summer home.

And I thought, for us in Eastern Canada, where it seems summer has finally arrived, I would share some shots of just how perfect the past week has been, in Atlantic Canada.

1044996_10100197974495269_1726030560_n Beer and Clams. The tastes of summer.

sunset Red Sky at Night. Sailor’s Delight.

580181_10100198522037989_1191897807_n The Smell of BBQ in the Air

sunset2 Cotton Candy Skies

1044463_10100195682034379_717484204_n My Happy Place.

If you need me, I’m underneath the big dipper and twinkling night sky.

x C x

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