On the Coffee Table: the Crossfire Novels

Breaking news. I love a good smut novel.

I mean, I was reading 50 Shades of Grey before it was cool. Literally. It wasn’t even called 50 Shades back then. And Christian and Ana who?

So naturally, when the whole “smut craze” started – I was excited to see 50 Shades wannabes popping up at my local bookstore. The first to suck me in?

The Crossfire Novels.

While I may not have discussed the first two books on here – Bared to You and Reflected in You – I just finished the third Entwined in You, and realized it’s my duty to share in the smut love by talking about it on the blog.

And oh yes – it’s going to be entirely spoiler free. So if you haven’t read any of these books but are into the 50 shades kinda shit – then hey, this may intrigue you.

The Crossfire Novels

by Sylvia Day

photo-1strategic placement of the Divergent EW issue

There are a lot of people that are quick to pass judgement and say the Crossfire Novels are merely copycats of 50 Shades of Grey. Which is fair. Billionaire CEO hunk who is into BDSM. But to be perfectly honest, I think if you’re a fan of any of these kinds of novels (read: pure unadulterated smut) than you’re going to like these no matter what. And if you’re like me, you may be willing to quickly admit two things after reading this series.

  1. The writing is WAY better than 50 Shades of Grey (but hey – who actually reads these for the writing?)
  2. These books hold their own in comparison to 50 Shades.

Instead of Christian Grey – you have Gideon Cross. And sure, name wise – Christian does sound much sexier (in my opinion) than Gideon Cross but Cross Industries and Grey Enterprise Holdings do both have nice powerful rings to them, no?

tumblr_mohz9uOUdG1s8xdo7o1_500 It’s always been Christian for me, just sayin

Now, instead of Ana – you have Eva. And yes – it doesn’t take a genius to point out those names bear a striking resemblance as well. But what I particular love about the Crossfire Novels is that Eva has absolutely no sense of innocence left to her and instead of the young, naiive college grad – she’s a Upper East Side brazen career woman.

Who dabbles in PR – have I mentioned I like her more?

What’s absolutely great about all of these novels are the equally strong, equally f$@ked up main characters. Both Gideon and Eva have dark pasts, major baggage, and super trust issues, which kind of makes the whole BDSM story line work; although by the third novel, it’s less red room of pain and just plain good, love scenes.

Another great feature to these novels? Eva’s best friend Cary. I mean, sure when I read 50 Shades of Grey – I want my own Christian. When I read the Crossfire Novels – I want my own Gideon AND my own Cary. Her best friend/roomate-I-would-love-to-have adds such a great storyline to the novels and by the third novel, you’re not only invested in Eva and Gideon’s romance – you’re all up in Cary’s two relationships (one with a man and one with a woman) too.

Add in the backdrop of New York City’s Upper East Side and high society? All the makings of the perfect chick lit.

So if you’re looking to be a little brave and try something new – I highly recommend the Crossfire novels.

Yes they’re crude.

Yes they’re all sex.

But they actually have a great deal of substance with an edge-of-your-seat, suspenseful storyline that makes it hard to put the books down.

Oh and it has a hot, rich, billionaire sex god. I mean, that alone is reason enough, right?

Have you read the Crossfire Series? Did you love Entwined in You? Lets talk!

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  1. I have to admit, I was so pumped when I found out you were reading this series! Loved them!! I also have to agree that I liked these books so much more than 50 Shades.

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