The Wolf of Wall Street

Every once and awhile, a really epic movie trailer comes along that I just need to share with all of you because I wouldn’t be a nice person if I didn’t.

Today, that trailer was The Wolf of Wall Street. 

You’re welcome.

No but really. Let’s talk about this trailer for a second.

First of all, I have a sweet love of all things Wall Street. I’d say it has something to do with the fact that the stock market is kind of sexy.

182079_657676993819_5115873_n One of my favorite snapshots from my 2010 NYC Wall Street experience

I love the air around Wall Street. It’s probably because it smells of ambition (maybe greed) but let’s say ambition. It’s like you stepped into this little bubble of hyper, busy, hustlers. And I appreciate a good hustle.

But even in movies, on television, on CNN – Wall Street just seems cool. It’s like that old boys club you want to be apart of and if you’ve been to Wall Street, celebrity or not – you get in on that action.

Remember when this happened? Translation: Remember when Rob Pattinson rang the NY Stock Exchange bell? I sort of died.

1344956046_robert-pattinson-articleI’ve grabbed the bull’s balls with some of my favorite people on Wall Street.


And let’s not forget one of my favorite “mom comments” on a FB post during my 2nd visit to Wall Street with the girls back in April.


Money is sexy and there is a lot of money on Wall Street, so naturally – you know what I’m talking about.

Yatchs are sexy.


Also sexy? This move.


Second reason this movie is going to be perfect. It combines one of the greatest movie directors of all-time, Martin Scorsese, with one of our generation’s best actors (regardless of whether he’s got the Oscar to support this statement). Combining these two means guaranteed perfection. I can’t even adequately describe my love for The Departed.

ThirdI am by no stretch a Kanye West fan but the Kanye music choice for this trailer? GOLDEN.

Fourth. Gatsby parties? Pffft. I would like to party with these people. Badly.

I mean there are flying lobsters.

tumblr_mok3hti7Y21qefokbo1_500 Flying mimosas.


Flying money.


I mean. These guys look like a fun time.

Fifth. Matthew McConaughey.


Matthew McConaughey in this movie sort of reminds me of Magic Mike Matthew McConaughey which is awesome because as much of an asshole as he was in Magic Mike, he did it well. And I really liked that shit.



I don’t even need to explain why this is awesome.

So who’s excited?

x C x

Disclaimer: all Wolf of Wall Street images are via Tumblr and are not my property.