Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow

It’s that time of year.

Summer. Lemonade. Iced Coffee. Beaches. GARDENING.

Ever since my first apartment with a deck (and room to grow stuff) in university, I’ve loved the idea of a patio garden.

Circa 2007, Halifax Nova Scotia


So naturally, last year and this year, I have enjoyed transforming the balcony of my current apartment into a flowery, foliage haven and because I adore you all, I thought I’d share some snapshots of its cuteness.

Read: you are all invited for wine on it this summer. All of you. All of the internetz. 

7455_10100184049600869_1427267028_n I really wish I could tell you what everything is but I really suck at remembering exactly what I’ve planted.

I can tell you that the two larger bushes are peonies. And I’m so excited for them to bloom because next to lilies – peonies are my favourite. Blair Waldorf and I have that in common.


Sigh. Those two.

Anyway. What was this post about? Right. FLOWERS. Not the life of the Upper East Siders.

Carrying on.

397414_10100184049685699_1472808474_n (1) Please note the beautiful potted begonia from the sweetest guy on my bistro table

998759_10100184049635799_570492476_nRios, Mums, Marigolds, and Brain Fart – hey I remembered 3 / 4 ok?

1001841_10100184049361349_1615414227_n Shhh – no one tell the authorities. Bella is growing her very own contraband.

Only items left to purchase are a cute little patio tomato plant and some of my own herbs (read: mint for mojitos).

What are your favorite must-have flowers and plants for your balcony or garden? And are your pets growing their own contraband? These are things we should talk about.

x C x

Authors Note: my cat is not, in fact, growing contraband although if you saw her on cat nip, which is what I am growing on her behalf, you would deem it feline contraband without question. So please, no one report us to the DEA. 


4 thoughts on “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow

  1. Peonies are my favorite flower as well. I don’t have them in my yard right now, but my Dad had them in his garden when I was growing up. I am also really loving daisies at the moment. They feel very summery to me.

    1. Aren’t they the most gorgeous flower? I love them. And you can never find them at our florists around here so I figured I would grow my own. And daisies are always a win in my book! :)

  2. if Bella lets that contraband grow please share your secret! I can never get it past an inch from the ground, lol! Also – I think the brain fart plant is an amaranth – they are so funky looking. A plant with dreads! Woo hoo! We also have matching bistro sets! Mine doubles as a breakfast all winter long! Love your garden, have fun!

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