10 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Than Editing My Book

In case you are unaware, once upon a time, in a not too far off galaxy, I wrote a book. Mainly chick-lit with a pinch of angst, a whole lot spice, and a main character I feel personally and emotionally attached to as if she were real flesh and blood.

tumblr_mmgywgPPvw1sq71pco1_500 In my head, she always looked something like this.

What started as “stories” in high school and pivoted in terms of plot, more times than I can count, became my baby somewhere along the line. It also used to take up a lot of my downtime. I’m insanely protective of its fictional characters and ridiculously nervous whenever I let anyone read it.

Writing it, was in itself an experience. Because I’m not normal – I started it about 50 pages in, wrote it to the very end, and then came back to write the first fifty pages. What seemed like a ridiculously stupid idea at the time (as if these two parts would suddenly, magically attach) surprised me when one sunny day, on a porch, it just clicked.

It was obviously a sign.

The book was done. It connected perfectly. Start to finish. Just like that.

Of course, then came the fun part of editing it. Which seemed SO exciting at the time because it meant revisiting a book I’d started writing years ago. Remembering my favorite scenes. Going through the rollercoaster of emotions the lead character faces – getting weak in the knees over the men in her life and occasionally even wanting to pitch the “book” or in this case – my Macbook – out the window when she did some stupid shit.

tumblr_inline_mfxn2bchq71qklrl5 my own book does this to me

She isn’t based on me by any stretch – but her and I are one in the same when it comes to doing stupid shit where life is concerned.

Needless to say, despite having some amazing friends offer to read, beta, proof along the way (mad shout outs to Kate, Allison, Meg, and now Colleen!)  I didn’t really do a bang up job of editing past chapter 12. #fail

Lately, talk of this “book” of mine has resurfaced. For starters, my own personal publicist/confident/BFF/real-life-Chelsea Handler was recently playing with my eHarmony account – yes – I just let her run that shit because seriously I’m too terrified to even log in based on what I’ve seen thus far.

tumblr-mkl2vmpmbt1rqh9x5o1-500.jpg how I feel about online dating

But anyway, she wrote in my profile that I wrote a book I hope to publish some day. It’s also in a variety of bios written about me around the web. Which got me thinking.

Maybe it’s time I actually get back to it, no?

But instead of editing my book – I thought it would be WAY funner to do a blog post that features 10 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Than Editing My Book. Because that’s funner than editing, right?

1. Sitting in a Starbucks Writing This Post

942186_10100172826616819_2087887881_n typical

Because one can never have too many Toffee Nut Non-Fat Lattes in a day.

2. Looking at Yet Another Cat Post on BuzzFeed


Because why not? Need further proof? Fine. Here, here, here and let’s throw in some adorable turtles for good measure.

3. Re-Watching the season finale of Vampire Diaries for the 10th Time

No lie. I was on the verge of giving up on this show. Vampire Elena (with no humanity) was a bitch, Bonnie was grating on my last nerve, I missed Jeremy, and I wanted more Nina and Ian, Damon and Elena action. I had no hope for season four. And then the season finale happened and all my prayers were answered slowly and surely, one at a time.

tumblr_mmx67kPDtF1spoo2jo2_r1_500 And that my friends is how you kiss a girl. And save millions of #Delena fans from jumping ship.

Naturally, I would totally want to re-watch that over editing a book. Come on.

4. Figure Out How Long of a Drive it Is from Seattle to Cannon Beach, Oregon.

cannon-beach-ecola-point-cannon-beach-oregon-coast-nature-life-desktop-12571 Give me the Goonies

The answer is: 3hrs 41 minutes. Thanks Google.

5. Re-watch Two Entire Seasons of Skins UK 1 & 2 Over One Weekend

tumblr_mnhgusFDGZ1sobauoo1_400 how I feel after watching ANY episode of Skins UK

And then of course proceed to mourn every single thing that happened to these characters in two seasons over a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

6. Repeat #5 but with Pretty Little Liars

tumblr_mnh2ttFcYB1s9jgoco1_500 No I have no idea where my weekend went

I have no regrets over any of the hours spent watching a show about high school kids solving a murders, dating teachers, doctors and stealing their sister’s husbands. No regrets whatsoever.

7. Start Planning my Next Vacation


I have wanted to go to Seattle for basically ever. In the fall, I get to do this with one of my favorite people – Kate! Seriously, the excitement I am feeling in anticipation of this is something worth sitting and thinking about instead of editing.

8. Watch All the Movie Trailers on Youtube

I cannot wait for this movie. Cannot.

Notable favorites this week? We’re the Millers and Inside Llewyn Davis.

9. Bubble Baths & Books (and Macaroons!)


Until you can work from a Macbook in a Bubble Bath – they totally take precedence. I’d much rather read a book someone else wrote in the tub than edit the one I’d like other people to one day read in a tub.

10. Sleeping.


I feel like this one should be obvious but in case it’s not – yeah, napping and sleeping are way better than editing.


Now that this post is done – I think I’ll go to bed.

See what I did there?

x C x

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  1. I’m in the process of editing too … in fact I’m taking a break when I should be working on the book. Could not agree more about the difficulty of this process and how I would almost always be watching season 1 and/or 2 of UK Skins! Effie!!!

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