I Get Distracted… Easily…

I had this grand idea that tonight I would finish my last NYC post. You know. No fluff. Just my favorite shots of gorgeous NYC.

Totally legit, actionable idea.

And then I realized Warm Bodies was available for digital download today. And June 4th is too far away to wait for blu-ray.

And that I have zero restraint.



In the meantime, there’s the Gatsby post if you haven’t already taken a glance. Or you could download Warm Bodies and experience the sweet perfection of it for yourself. Or you could just wait and I promise to post by the end of the week. Provided there are no zombie apocalypses in the next three days.

Or Cicada apocalypses. That shit is creepy.

CICADA quite possibly more terrifying than zombies

x C x

A/N: Need further convincing to check out Warm Bodies? I wrote a pretty detailed non-spoilery review (slightly fangirly) when it first came out in theatres that you should definitely check out. Not only is it one of my favorite books (Isaac Marion can write no wrong) the movie lived up to all my expectations and then some. And the soundtrack? My god the soundtrack. 

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