New York Loves Gatsby

I am that girl that goes to 9 out of 10 of the midnight (or 10:00pm screening) shows in this city. The rush of a pre-screening or midnight show is one of my favorite highs. And I’ve been lucky enough to take in late night movies since high school (both public and private ones – perks of dating a projectionist back in the day).

That post-movie rush as you go home, crawl into bed just as the birds are about to start singing is one you can’t easily replicate by a normal theatre showtime.

Tonight, we finally get The Great Gatsby at 10:00pm.

And I don’t remember the last time I was THIS excited for a movie. I’m pretty much like hot and bothered Daisy Buchanan excited right now, people.

tumblr_mfb7nehIQ01qglx77o1_500 Daisy – I get you. Really.

So in celebration of the movie that I feel as though we’ve waited a hundred (no really, at least a hundred) years for – thank you Baz Lhurman for your ever dedication to perfection – I’ve put together some of my favorite Gatsby pictures from New York City.

New York City is also ridiculously horny for Gatsby right now.

So without further ado, I give you all the NYC Gatsby Highlights. Because I swear, above ground or under ground – it is everywhere. 

photo 2

First of all – massive shout out to Doubletree Suites by Hilton, Times Square for not only an amazing suite with the absolutely perfect Gatsby fan view but for the warm hospitality (including cookie upon check-in) on my last night in NYC. After saying goodbye to the girls, ugly crying on the subway to Times Square and dragging my carry-on suitcase through mass crowds of people – I wanted to hug every staff member. I can’t wait to stay there again in the future.

photo 2

Second, the massive Times Square Gatsby was always a treat whenever we were taking in the lights to of Times Square.

photo 1

The underground Subway Gatsby’s were quite nice too.

photo 3 Tiffany & Co.

As many of you know, I have a slight obsession with the little blue box and all things Tiffany’s. Naturally, when I heard that Tiffany’s was releasing a Gatsby inspired jewelry line, complete with window displays being revealed the week before I arrived in NYC – I knew the stars had aligned.

A quick trip to the fourth floor of the Flagship Store on 5th Avenue and I was in love. Between the art deco inspired couches, the loop of a behind the scenes look and the trailer on a flatscreen and jewelry featured in the film – I really wasn’t sure I was going to ever leave. Luckily for the ladies and my bank account – we had a trip to the Strand Bookstore next on the agenda, so if there’s anything that will drag me away from the blissful atmosphere that is Tiffany’s – it’s a bookstore.

photo 2 Art Deco Couch I’d Like in my Apartment

photo 1Gatsby’s Ring Worn by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Movie     photo 3 Daisy’s Headpiece as Worn by Carey Mulligan in the Movie

photo 4 Embarrassed to Admit How Long Each of us Girls Stood Here for the Perfect Shot

Next on the Great Gatsby NYC tour (there isn’t actually a tour although they totally should capitalize on this stat), after checking in at the Doubletree and heading to the New York Public Library for all the book loving feels, Ladurée for the most amazing Parisian macaroons, and an afternoon stroll in Central Park – I decided to check out Todd English’s Food Hall in the Plaza Hotel, as it came highly recommended by fellow food loving friends of mine.

photo 3 I love this shot of the Palm Court

Not only did the restaurant (and the others in the Plaza Hotel) have Gatsby inspired menus – they also had memorabilia in the form of props and costumes from the set. Suddenly I wasn’t in Kevin McAllister, Home Alone 2 mode – I was in find all of the Gatsby items on display in the entire building mode.

photo 4 Menu at Dinner at Todd English’s Food Hall

photo 2 Leo and Carey’s “Gatsby & Daisy” Plaza Attire from the Movie

photo 1 Letters from Gatsby.

Lastly, on my last morning in NYC before flying home, I opted to hit up the Times Square Starbucks instead of grabbing a free coffee at the hotel before heading to Century21 for a little shopping before heading to JFK. Because of this last minute spontaneous decision, I happened to walk by Good Morning America and not only see Robert Downey Jr. (more on that in a later post but let me just say – woah) but also see Tobey Maguire aka Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby.

photo 1 To make matters even more interesting, it wasn’t until I was back home and watching the live stream of the Gatsby NYC premiere that one of the girls from the trip, Jenn, realized that a man we’d be starring down outside the Bowery Hotel, trying to decide if it was Sam Worthington, was in fact Joel Edgerton aka Tom Buchanan. Two Gatsby actors in one trip? I’ll take it.

Oh and Joel? Sorry we were creepers.

So to everyone going to see Gatsby tonight or over the weekend – ENJOY.


I can’t wait to share my thoughts with all of you over the weekend. That’s if I can pry myself away from the theatre.

x C x

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