I’ll Be There For You – When You Fall Asleep On A Subway

Warning: Picture Heavy Post.

As promised, it’s time to talk NYC Vacay.

Problem is, I could talk about my trip to New York City for the length of about twenty blog posts. There were hundreds (I kid you not) photos taken between six friends – I’m honestly quite surprised we didn’t crash Instagram (proof here).

That said, the challenge of summing up the epic five days spent together is one I could never tackle in one blog post. So here’s how it’s going to go.

Tonight – I talk the laughs, the tears, the memories.

Thursday – I talk G A T S B Y. Because if you hadn’t already guessed from my Instagram, New York City is in full celebration of the summer of Gatsby.

Sunday – I talk about allllll the reasons I love New York City.

Because let’s face – Friday or Saturday, I’m going to need to talk about Gatsby. A lot.

But tonight – it’s all about the friendships.

486754_10100164092909239_1268660026_n these are clearly my people

As I mentioned previously, the incredibly awesome ladies I visited New York with are all friends fused together by a common love of a silly film saga. Since then, over the years, it’s become so much more. These friends (known to some as my Twitter Friends but to me, as some of my besties) have gotten me through slumps, triumphs, the good, the bad, the ugly – and have always been there when I needed a shoulder to cry on.

Naturally, after racing via shuttle, then multiple subway trains, by way of Grand Central through Port Authority, alllll the way to Brooklyn to finally wrap my arms around them – tears and authentic “Crystal” jumps (as stolen by my BFF Jennifer Lawrence) followed.

tumblr_mb2w4u35j71r61d7vo1_500 I jump like this – ALL the time

I mean, after years of being friends (and getting screwed by a hurricane) my heart was exploding in all directions.

IMG_5525 our first picture <3

(we keep our “big deal” friend hidden in group pictures – to keep the crazies at bay)

Example two:


From the second I finally got to hug these ladies, I was already dreading the arrival of Sunday when I’d have to say goodbye. But regardless of the unavoidable end to the trip, what happened over the next five days, as the four J’s and two C’s (the lovely Colleen joined us on Friday) took over Manhattan (and Brooklyn!) was nothing short of one of the best trips and experiences of my life.

Want proof? Here are ten reasons, you need to get the NYC experience with a bunch of your girlfriends.

1. Friends Don’t Let Friends Fall Asleep on a Subway – Without Taking a Picture of it

They also know the story behind this title. Because they lived it.

IMG_5959 full disclosure: this is staged. but there are actual “fallen asleep” photos from later in the night.

what happens on the brooklyn train home from Bowery stays on the brooklyn train

2. Friends are Always Game for a Rendition of YMCA

They also get day drunk (true story, that happened) right along side you at ballgames – and also snap pictures of you when you try to make friends with other Canadians at a Yankees game (read: scary territory for Canadians).

IMG_2702 Colleen is busting a pretty serious move beside me

Don’t mind me. Just high-fiving strangers from Canada.

IMG_2725Yankee Stadium

3. Friends Know the Importance of that Green Beacon

They also know the importance of not one but many Starbucks photo shoots – of our actual cups.

IMG_4005 Starbucks, Madison Avenue

4. Friends Know There’s Plenty of Dirty Jokes Where Dinosaur Bones are Concerned

Plus, friends who party with T-Rex, stay together.

922877_10100163262742899_433980869_n Natural History Museum, Central Park West

5. Friends Know it Takes Just One Tiffany & Co. Obsessed Friend to Influence the Others

Next thing you know, everyone is leaving with a little blue bag.

485534_10100164120214519_1292928352_n Tiffany & Co. Flagship Store, 5th Avenue

6. Friends Will Never Judge You For That Ten-Thousand Calories Desert

They’ll order their own right beside you.

IMG_5676 Serendipity 3

7. Friends Will Never Let You Look Stupid Grabbing a Bull’s Balls Alone

We were much classier than the 70 year old lady before us.

934061_10100163859991009_1021413091_n Wall Street, Financial District

8. Friends Understand Why You Gotta Check in to Facebook as “I’m On a Boat”

The best way to see Lady Liberty, complete with flippy flops.

libertyboat On a Boat #obviously

9. Friends Know the Value of Getting on their Knees in Times Square for the Perfect Shot

No big deal.

IMG_5541 Times Square

10. Friends Know the Importance of Lots of Toasts to Amazing Friends

And subsequently, lots of drinks.

IMG_3913 Gemma at Bowery Hotel, East Village


You should probably all just borrow my friends next time you want to go to NYC. We got this.

To my ladies – can we start planning our 2014 trip now please? I miss you all to the moon and back.

x C x

[A/N: In all seriousness, day drunk yankee games, dino bones, bull’s balls, and subway naps aside – words cannot express how amazing it was to be in the same city as these amazing people. Ladies – I love you. Thank you for being there. When the rain starts to fall. *cue Friends song*]

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  1. GAAHHHH!!!!!!!


    This was seriously one of the best trips of my life and yes, it was NYC, but I believe that being with all you girls was what brought it from awesome to epic! I will never forget the amazing days we had, or be able to thank you for putting up with my many antics. I had the time of my life! <3

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