Scenes From A May Weekend

Remember that time I said I had allll this down-time and would totally blog about NYC?

Yeah. About that.


Turns out, a weekend spent with family and some of the best friends a girl could ask for, took precedence. And considering that I’ve had a busy past two months, that haven’t allowed for much girl time or spontaneous lunching and Sunday drives – I’m not complaining.

Perfect Weekend Was Perfect.

So – as promised, NYC love will follow in the next few days (including an epic GATSBY post for Thursday – have I mentioned I’m over the moon excited for the 10:00pm show on Thursday night? My body is ready).

And tonight – I share several of the reasons why I love a good East Coast weekend in the early Summer.

Patio Lunching w/Friends & Self

941518_10100167407177419_397550350_n My Sunday Morning. My love for my patio in the summer.

heatherspatio Patio Lunching on the Golf Course with some of my Favorites.

Early Mother’s Day Tradition – the zoo

217192_10100167465041459_643979390_n Annual Mother’s Day Tradition – just a week earlier!

zoomonkey Monkey Has Good Taste

485499_10100167455485609_1115822859_n photo 2 190438_10100167458280009_810094435_n

East Coast Seafood in the Summer

clamsThe only thing I made a dent in was the coleslaw. Mad love for Bel-Air Takeout in Cap-Pele!

Sunday Drives on the Coast

photo 3247003_10100167582980109_1148384350_n Red Sand Bliss

How was your weekend?

x C x

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  1. I LOVE that your mother’s day tradition is MHZ…can you hint about this to Evening when she is bigger? We are coming home this summer and I can’t wait to visit the zoo! Your weekend looks like it was glorious, which I thing was just going around this weekend. It snowed last weekend and today was +32!! A-mazing

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