Out of Office. On Vacation Workation

This is just a heads up to say – oh hey, I’m headed off to Florida and the land of fresh orange juice, sunshine, beaches and piers.

Basically, all of my favorite things.

338_541667373029_7345_n PIER. OCEAN. SAND IN TOES. LOVE.

Note: I realize that’s California not Florida. Gratuitous Pier Photos From Florida to Follow.

For all intents and purposes, this is my out of office. 

I did something really crazy back in October. I left a comfortable job I’d been in for 2.5 years, a great salary, incredible benefits and major job security, to pursue my passion and my dreams.

I went from a job meant to be an in-between job to a job so close to my dream job, if I could puke rainbows I would. Of course with that came adapting to startup hours and a certain job dedication not everyone gets. But I love it. And I realized that, working for a startup, I was embracing not only a career but a lifestyle change.

It was the end of the Out of Office. And that’s ok. 

While Florida is a workation (work till noon – R&R in the afternoon – hop online in the evening), NYC later in April is a vacation. But regardless of what letters fall before the “ation” – one thing stands true.

I’m way too in love with my career, my lifestyle, to really take a break from it.


So this blog post is my new form of the traditional out of office and I hope to write many more of these in my lifetime.

hi. i’m out of the office. in fact, i’ve moved my office to the balcony of a beachside condo in florida. poolside. in the starbucks at the pier. over margaritas on the pier. the point is, i’m still here. but my here involves sunkissed skin, a sunburnt nose, sand in my toes, and my macbook.

so if you’re looking for me, please try instagram or twitter and please excuse any lack of blog posts. i’m making memories to tell you about later.

x C x

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