And we have our Four…

As a book nerd, fandom obsessed pop culture junkie (I think that’s putting it lightly), I tend to get highly invested in fictional characters that do not exist in RL.

Movie characters and television characters are one thing. When we fall for them, they already exist (on the movie screen or on TV.) There is no pre-conceived idea of them in our heads.

But when books are adapted to movies and our beloved characters and let’s face it – book boyfriends – are brought to life – there is a MASSIVE concern for any book nerd, revolving around who will bring them to life.

Case and Point – Divergent casting.

If you haven’t read Divergent – I won’t fault you just yet. It’s YA (young adult)  and I know YA isn’t for everyone. Personally, some of my favorite books are YA because I absolutely love how they transform me to a much simpler (yet more complicated in its own way) time in my life – young adulthood. 

Throw in a dystopian factor and I’m hook, line, sinker.

Oh and did I mention Divergent’s wicked author, Veronica Roth, loves the book club I belong to? Yeah. #badass

384094_960427953469_1541976073_n photo credit to Kate aka Divergent’s biggest fan that met VR and told her all about us <3

But if you are ANY kind of YA fan – you’ve probably heard of Divergent. And you may have heard that the race for its most coveted roles, leads Tris Prior (announced earlier to be played by Shailene Woodley) and “Four” aka Tobias has been all the talk in Hollywood.

At one point – there was even talk of Alex Pettyfer playing Four.

tumblr_mjocned73H1rvw80so1_500 Just, NO.

To put things into perspective – this is kind of an even bigger deal than when they cast Edward Cullen (A+ job) and Peeta Mellark (C- job that has grown on me to become a B+).

But Friday – something epic happened.

We finally have our Four.

And I can already feel my feels that will go down in the theatre when this becomes a reality.

Meet Four

photo and of course tumblr edits are already rampant

Divergent Fans Who Read This Blog.


I seriously just discovered on Friday that one of my favourite people in the world, Mel, has read these books, loves them, and I had no idea. So if you are a Divergent fan – please let me know. Because that means I will talk this talk on here more frequently for your enjoyment.

And I really need to know if you approve of our new Tobias. This shit is important.

x C x

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  1. Holla for the mention! And yeah I read both books in three days, it was intense. Then I realized that I had to wait for the third book to come out and I may have had a mid life crisis.

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