Calling all Pile People

In an attempt to keep this blog updated as often as possible but acknowledging that I have a busy lifestyle that doesn’t allow me to write long posts, thorough rants and post all the pretty pictures in the world – I’m going to start sharing smaller posts, quicker rants, and solo pretty images.

And because it’s Saturday and well, because I just saw this on Tumblr and it’s one of my favorite quotes from Isaac Marion’s Warm Bodies – also one of my hot favorite movies right now – I thought I’d share it with you all.

tumblr_mj1c7wVqiE1rj1etzo1_500when men know how to write love – I can’t handle it. It ignites all the feelings.

Oh – and for all my pile people.

Don’t know what a pile person is? Here’s a hint.

photo we keep our favorite books in piles.

 note: I recreated my piles for a better snapshot but you get the idea

Anyway – if you’re a fan of the Photo a Day trend on Instagram, or maybe you’re not because you think it’s overhyped and cheesy – I may have something new and exciting for you to try.

Especially if you’re a book lover.  Because as a pile person and book lover – I need to share a new twist on the Photo a Day that was created by one of my best friends Kate. You can learn more about it here but I highly encourage you to all check it out. I’m going to chime in and post a photo here and there (my dedication to Instagram has failed me as of late but that doesn’t mean YOU can’t hop on this really cool train.)

tumblr_mj1z35NJ0y1qc37r0o1_500 Day 1 – Page – I just love California

See? I just did.

Cause hoping on trains is cool. Oh Divergent fans – see what I just did there? 

Until next time.

x C x

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