Boycott Valentine’s Day? Pfft. I’d Rather Drink Wine

Oh Valentine’s Day.

Once upon a time, it was one of my favorite days of the year.

This was of course after the single years of high school where the only roses delivered to me were from best friends or senior boys told to send me one because it would make my entire grade 9 life #truestory and before I was old enough to realize that setting unrealistic expectations of the Hallmark holiday is just asking for disaster.

tumblr_inline_mi2ohw5ULa1qz4rgp I was never Glen Coco

I mean when do unrealistic expectations ever work out, right?

That said – one would think as a single, independent, joie de vivre, kinda gal that I would be ALL over the whole, Screw Valentine’s Day. Who needs it?

You’d be surprised. I’m much more content feeling sorry for myself and whining.


While Valentine’s Day seems to be on steroids this year (at least on social media and as always – at Walmart) there also seems to be a rise in the number of those strong, independent ladies saying – “hey! I don’t need a man. I also don’t need Valentine’s day. I’ve got friends. Family. A dog. A cat. Several cats. A vibrator. Cake. I am golden.

Well – this strong, independent gal is also golden. I am PERFECTLY golden and completely content and sure of myself as I make weird crazed awkward faces at anyone on the Valentine’s Day high today.

You know. A combination of this.

tumblr_m4st1oL0MF1qcptrr + This


Which is totally ok. I’ve been that girl. And deep down – I probably still am that girl. But it’s kind of hard to embrace the whole love day when all you’ve got to go home to is your cat, your macbook and some candles from Bath & Body Works. PS: the Mahogany Teakwood candle smells exactly like Abercrombie & Fitch and therefore smells of boyfriend. Just sayin.

So yes. Every woman has the right to feel miserable on Valentine’s Day. But before concentrating all your energy onto boycotting it and planning an anti-Valentine’s day party with your single friends, consider the alternative.

Consuming a bottle of wine on my own with no one around to judge.


Sitting in a movie theatre or at home alone, in yoga pants devouring food with no one to say “you ate a large popcorn, a hot dog, AND a pack of M&Ms?”


Feeling sorry for my single ass self because I still can. One day you won’t be single and you’ll actually miss the Valentine’s Day where you had no expectations and therefore faced no disappointment.


So dear single gals like myself. Don’t hate on Valentine’s Day. One day you’ll appreciate it. You’ll even look forward to it. Yes. You’ll jump on the VDay bandwagon. And there will be chocolates. And wine. And edible underwear.

Until then, take a day, one day, to feel sorry for yourself if you want to and know that it’s perfectly acceptable.

Stop at the liquor store and pick up a bottle of Cab. Take in a chick flick (or action flick if that’s your thing) on your own. Toss popcorn at any couples who dare makeout in front of you in the theatre. Take a hot bath and re-read 50 Shades of Grey. Dance naked in your apartment and blast every shitty depressing song there ever was while burning old pictures of you and your ex and calling them names.


I promise you’ll feel much better in the morning. Or worse. 

I don’t know. Despite having a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology – I’m no psychologist.

So Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m off to get my judging awkward face on.


x C x

Full disclosure: this rant is all about the comic relief. Other than a bottle of wine – I always enjoy the love, Valentine’s Day cards, and flowers from my parents, friends and my cat. Because yes – my cat get’s me the coolest Valentine’s. Cause she’s cool like that. And I swear I’m not a crazy cat lady.

3 thoughts on “Boycott Valentine’s Day? Pfft. I’d Rather Drink Wine

  1. I dream of roses, but the truth is my sweetheart watched a documentary years ago about these poor little women forced to stand inside tiny little booths and spray pesticide on roses and slowly dying of lung diseases – “I don’t feel right supporting that industry, and neither should you,” he tells me solemnly. Almost every single other day of the year I love this about him. Almost. Once I took his credit card after a huge fight and, without his knowledge, went to the flower shop and bought myself the nicest damn bouquet you ever saw on his dime. Took me about 2 hours to ‘fess up.
    Alas, there are still no organic roses to be found, and his idea of romance is sitting on the couch watching a movie with cowboys. After last year’s ‘the Assassination of Jesse James’ romantic movie FAIL I find myself hoping he won’t notice it’s Valentine’s Day until it’s already over, because by then the expectations are over and we can all go back to loving each other for who we really are.

  2. The love I have for this post. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been a big Valentine’s Day person. I quiet honestly found it to be a pointless holiday…mostly because of the expectations that are set. BUT I have come to realize that it’s not just a holiday to celebrate with your significant other. It’s a day to celebrate the love you have with your family, friends, animals (YES because they are people too), nieces, nephews, godchildren, etc.

    So enjoy your bottle of wine and a good book tonight love. That sounds magical! I hope you have a great V Day!

  3. Loved it!!! You’re a great spokeperson for us strong independant single (cat) ladies :)!!! xox Happy Valentines day to you C!

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