NYE – Be Epic

While I had high hopes and big aspirations to writing an epic NYE post – it’s now become high hopes and big aspirations to do an epic New Year’s Day post.

After a weekend away in beautiful (but foggy… and stormy) Cape Breton, an unexpected overnight stay in Truro on account of said stormy – I simply don’t have the chutzpah (or time) to write something epic tonight.

So instead.

I will leave you with this.

It’s NYE


tumblr_maei7fJ2LU1r8mizqo1_500Eat All The Food

tumblr_inline_mflpwzOK9n1qaqsz7Don’t Start Any Fights

tumblr_mfjuxeV2nK1s0abtdo5_r1_500Kiss Someone Passionately

tumblr_m2rdhjXEMW1qm5j5ko1_500And Party Party Party


See you in 2013!!!!


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