Gatsby – What Gatsby?

For starters.

We all survived the apocalypse. Kudos to planet Earth.



Christmas Eve is like – tomorrow.

I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in.


Need another minute? Cool.


Now that we’ve all had a moment to either a) lose our shit or b) marvel at how ready we are for Christmas, I’ll move on to business.

The second Great Gatsby trailer – it basically calls for my favourite ‘so excited I can’t formulate sentences’ gif.


First of all.

I will have a moment of sadness on Christmas Day over the memory that I was originally suppose to be seeing the Great Gatsby in theatres that day before it got pushed back to May. I mean. How rude. 

That being said – the release of the new trailer this week (which I have all the faith in the world that it will play before Les Miserable in theatres and I’ll die all over again in theatres) made the wait slightly more bearable.

Slightly. Not immensely people.

A mad lover of the book (shout out to the book club gals – we read it this summer and I read it in a day it had me so hooked) – the initial trailer sucked me in. This second trailer owned my body and soul for 2mins and then some.

If you haven’t seen it – feast your eyes and ears.

It’s so amazing – I don’t even need to really explain why. But just in case – let me do the honours.

1) Leo Gatsby is Hot

Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio was Jack Dawson and he was the hottest thing since Devon Sawa? Yeah. There haven’t been that many movies since where Leo had me all asfghkladhjkl (read: hot and bothered.) There was Inception which still to this day has made me want Leo in a suit at all times but Gatsby-Leo? Gatsby-Leo just oozes good looks and money.

tumblr_mfc6gvnBXb1rfobieo2_500the cool man in the beautiful shirts – with the martini

4) Carey Daisy is Also asfgklgasfgjkl Throughout This Trailer

I mean – she just looks hot and bothered and aroused throughout this entire trailer and do you blame her? Not really. I would be too if Leo Gatsby was looking all cool (and hot) in those beautiful shirts.


5) Smartphones Apparently Existed in the 1920’s

I don’t get it but I’m sure I won’t even care because I’ll be all asdfhklksashjksf like Carey – I mean, Daisy.


6) Leo & Carey Should Be In All the Movies

I think these two just ooze chemistry in this trailer – I can only imagine how it’s going to play out in the movie. And that is important. These are two people who had a history who find each other later in life when it’s impossible for them to be together. Call me horrible but reading the book – I kept thinking, “Daisy. Leave your kid with your idiot husband and run off with Gatsby. Don’t look back. Hop on the Gatsby bandwagon and GO.”

tumblr_meiqemU5kq1rbrg5uo1_500JUST DO IT ALREADY.

Can I also add that there is a lot of neck kissing in this trailer? Which is right up there with forehead kissing in my books. Yes.


gatsby neck kissI have even titled this image – ‘Gatsby Neck Kissing’ just for good measure.

7) The Music Selections Were Perfection

Florence. Jay-Z & Kanye. Filter. Music selections FTW. I’m just sitting there nodding my head because it’s just so damn good. If the soundtrack to the movie reflects their song choices for the trailer – we’re in for a cinematic treat of gargantuan proportions.


8) Gatsby Parties Are Cooler Than Your Parties

This was the 1920’s. You would think our parties in 2012 would be even more elaborate but to be honest – I haven’t been to many parties that looked as fun as the parties in this movie. I’m just sayin.

gatsby party

9) It’s Visually STUNNING

I think the biggest thing that came from seeing this trailer is that everything is how I pictured it in the book – tenfold. It’s so visually stunning that I feel like even if the whole movie was muted – it would still blow my mind with its beauty. I just want to go to there.

gatsby visually


And now it’s time for me to go cry because we have to wait until May for this. Actual tears. I have them.


In case you’re not back on the blog before Christmas – wishing you and yours a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HANUKKAH, or HAPPY CHRISMUKKAH!

I give you holiday Gizmo.


C xx

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  1. Thank you for this post as I had not yet seen the new trailer and OMG it’s amazing! somuchbetterthatnthefirst

    I adored your break down and cannot wait for this film!!!

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