And why is the carpet wet Todd?

With Christmas upon us – it is the season for traditions.

One particular tradition in the Richard household happens on the weekend of the annual Christmas Parade.

It marks the beginning of Christmas season for me and that is exciting in itself.


For as long as I can remember, the tradition has remained the same – Christmas parade, Chinese takeout and the annual viewing of the best Christmas movie of life, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Yes. This tradition has been long held – except for last year when my mother unfortunately had to work so Dad and I invented our own alternative universe tradition for one night and hit up Relish Burger before the parade and totally failed and forgot the food donation for the food bank in the car. Alternate Universe #Fail

But this year – the tradition was back on track.

The Christmas Parade was perfect.

Just a few highlights for your viewing pleasure.

Exterior Illumination at Its Finest

For my Favourite Yellowknife Bestie – Kate Sled dogs “pulling” their float 

The man himself

Stay Naughty – I mean Nice!

Perfect Family Tradition is Perfect

And then of course there is the delicious Chinese Takeout from my favourite Chinese food restaurant in town – Trans Place. A must if you’ve never ordered from there!

Combo #16 is my life

Paired with what is arguably the best Christmas movie ever made – you have yourself the perfect Saturday night with the fam.

And of course the extended family – the Griswolds

These guys are everyone’s favourite family at Christmas.

We all quote the movie at least a dozen times over the holidays – way more if you’re part of my family.

The “shitter’s full” is not only totally appropriate in our household over the holidays – it’s part of every day holiday speak.

As is –

And let’s not forget one very important question.



So this holiday season, decorate like the Griswolds, celebrate like the Griswolds, and get through it like the Griswolds.

With Lots of Tylenol

And eggnog – don’t forget the eggnog! 


C xx

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  1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation HAS to be the funniest movie ever!! It also happens to be a tradition in my house too!!

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