Thank You

With my new found lifestyle – did I mention I go to bed before 11:00pm every night?

I know. The old night-owl casino girl is all…..


With this new lifestyle – I am making a solid attempt at keeping this blog updated more frequently but with smaller posts. A daily (or bi-daily) glimpse in the life of C.

You’ve heard of Life of Pi.

This is Life of C. Instead of a Tiger there’s just Bella. Who’s pretty bad ass to begin with.


First order of business.

I want to send a MASSIVE thank you to every who donated to myself and my team this past weekend at the 2012 Curl for Cancer.

Because of YOU and YOUR help – we managed the following:

… I raised $570 in donations ….

… Our Team raised $1875 

… Because of that – we won top fundraising team for a 4th year in a row #huge …

… 12 Teams = 11 Businesses. 1 Group of Friends (us) …

… 12 Teams Raised $8,000 – we were responsible for almost a quarter of that …

From the bottom of our hearts,

Thank You.

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