15 Things A Girl’s Just Gotta Do In The Big Apple

I realized today that I haven’t updated the blog in weeks – which is totally related to some very exciting news.

I quit my job for a wicked opportunity at a startup. 

How’s that for YOLO?

But really – as some of you (or many of you in fact) were probably aware, I have been doing contract work in public relations and content marketing for the past year and opportunity came knocking several weeks ago when this incredibly awesome offer to be their Director of Media Relations came my way.

I am elated. And officially a tech publicist now. So that’s flippin awesome.

Truly. The past few weeks have been a dream come true.

And what better way to celebrate a new career than a quick jaunt to New York City. Which I conveniently already had planned before this opportunity came along. It’s just the perfect icing on the cake.

That is if the Frankenstorm everyone is talking about stays away.

But that’s neither here nor there (and hopefully won’t go there). NYC is one of the most magical places in the world and as I’m about to experience it again with some girlfriends who are going for their first time – I found myself looking at photos from my first NYC trip a few years ago.

Which inspired this post. So please enjoy the 15 Things A Girl’s Just Gotta Do In The Big Apple. 

1. Have Coffee in a New York Diner

2. Say a Prayer in St Patrick’s Cathedral

3. Visit the Top of the Rock

4. Catch Some Sun in Central Park

5. Take in a Taping of Jimmy Fallon

6. Experience Wall Street

7. Remember Those Lost

8. Have Dinner in Soho

(Mario Batali fan? I cannot say enough amazing things about Lupa’s in Soho)

9. Have Your Sleepless in Seattle Moment

10. Shop on 5th Avenue – especially at Tiffany’s

11. Sit on the Steps of the Met

12. See the Brooklyn Bridge

13. See a Broadway Show

14. Wave to Lady Liberty

15. Be Seen in Times Square


The next five days will be an absolute gong show as I try my hardest to cram 70 hours of work into the next five days, attend two Halloween parties, and, well, pack… So if you don’t hear from me before I take off – follow all my updates from the Big Apple (including another stop at Studio 6B to see Jimmy again on November 1st) on Twitter @CrystalCRichard or Instagram @Crystal_Catherine!  

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