Heard of #SunsetPorn?

Tonight I swear to you – I experienced the most epic sunset of life.

I mean I seriously said out loud – HOW IS THIS REAL LIFE?

Three hours later I’m still trying to understand how something could be so beautiful. And I knew adding some photos on Twitter and Facebook and of course Instagram (I’m crystal_catherine on there if you’d like to add me!) simply would not be enough. Which meant only one thing.

#SunsetPorn BLOGPOST 

So really there isn’t anything left for me to say. Just enjoy the absolutely freaking prettiness of epic proportions.










And lastly – want to really experience it?

Checkout this video I shot tonight.

Lastly, to give you the proper send off – I leave you with a quick Aloha from Hawaii!

disclaimer: I swear I am in no way working for the Hawaiian Tourism Department. This place is just that epic.

2 thoughts on “Heard of #SunsetPorn?

  1. I was right there with you simply not believing that could be real life! My word!

    Also, you’re adorable. Please do be leaving more video messages :)

    and I love/want your top!


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