remember that time I swore I would update the blog lots when I was in Hawaii.

Yeah. I’ve been here a week and nothing yet so obviously, so far I fail.

Which is why when we arrived at the Honolulu International Airport today at 10:30am for our 12:38pm Hawaiian Airlines flight to my absolute favorite island of Hawaii – Kauai – and I realized I had an hour to kill before we boarded and there was Wifi (albeit $6.95 for 2 hours wifi) I pretty much fist-pumped and ran to the closest in airport Starbucks with my Macbook.

Which means now I look like this.

Except I’m wearing a Fedora and I’m all tanned and beachy.

See? I’m chillin with my Hawaii peeps in B&W.

Yes. That’s Hawaiian Crystal.

Anyway. With half an hour to boarding, I was hoping I would have time to do this post but apparently even when you spend $6.95 for wifi – it still doesn’t go fast.

SO. this is my promise to you.

Later tonight, you shall get the following wicked awesome shaka post. Which btw – shaka means “cool” in Hawaiian. Just so you know. So stay tuned for:

10 Shaka Things that Happened in Hawaii this week



Movie Sets



and beachy bliss

Until then, I have a plane to catch!!!

With Love from Hawaii.


3 thoughts on “Aloha!

  1. Soo SOO jealous of your current location!!! LOVING the pictures you are posting on twitter! Looking very forward to hearing about your time at the LOST set most of all!!! EEEP!

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