Dear Summer. Where’d you go?

Looking back on the past month and a half of summer – I have one thought that comes to mind.

Why didn’t I just take a blog hiatus for summer instead of looking like an incompetent blogger?

#regrets – I have them

But really. It would have been the logical thing to do. Because I think I can count all of the posts I’ve done this summer on one hand.  Maybe even with just one finger. And that’s bad.

So all of this to say this.

i’m sorry.

No really. I don’t even know where this summer wentBecause I’ve pretty much been in a perpetual state of this:

true story.

It has been a wicked summer of kicking ass and taking names. Finally reaching that epiphanous (is that a word? regardless i’m making it one) moment where it dawns on me that I may actually, for once in my life, know what I’m doing and where I’m going. And let me tell you. It involves a lot of hustle and a lot of coffee.

And a lot of Shameless which I’ve subsequently devoured both seasons (start to finish) in under two weeks.

Someone tell me. Where do I sign up for a rich, car thief tousled haired hottie that brings me Starbucks every morning?

 because really…

But back to the hustle.

It has been an epic summer in terms of working my ass off doing stuff I love every day and it’s about to get even better when I board a plane a week from Sunday to leave for 17 days (yes – you read that right, 17 daysin Hawaii for one of my closest, bestest friend’s wedding – the lovely Heather Anne.

I’m calling it not only my vacation but my bookation. Why? Because for those of you aware of the fact I wrote a book (looks at the amazing and incredibly awesome Kate, Allison, and Meg who faithfully read and then restore faith in me that I can do this) well, I really really really want to start working on the sequel. I mean, I really really really need to finish editing the first one and get the ball rolling on trying to publish it BUT editing on vacation is just not fun. So instead I’m totally going to start working on book two which happens to have a chapter or two which take place in Hawaii.

Convenient no?

But if I’m writing on vacation (and even throwing in some work on vacation) then clearly – priorities in line I should be blogging  on vacation.

I mean. How could I not simultaneously blog my adventures while on vacation? You already know I’ll be live tweeting the best wedding to ever hit the North Shore of Oahu. Why not nicely rub it in that I’m sunning in Hanalei Bay, surfing in Poipu, spending Labor Day in Waikiki Beach?


So if you haven’t given up on me and my inability to keep up this summer – stick around and stay tuned.

I promise beautiful pictures. Names written in the sand. Re-telling of blissful Hawaiian moments. And re-enactions of Forgetting Sarah Marshall when at the famous Turtle Bay Resort for Heather’s wedding. #truestory

I’m telling you. It’s gonna be good.

See you all in a week! First post will be in-flight!

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