I got it from my Mama

I’m an only child so naturally I’m insanely close with my parents. And while I totally take after my father in some respects (neither one of us ever goes to bed before 1:00am it seems, we both talk in our sleep, and I totally have him to thank for my easily tanned skin) – I am 98% my mother.

which is a total freaking honour.

When you’re little, you sort of grow up thinking, “I wanna be like my mom one day” but rarely do you say, “because she’s strong” or “because she’s compassionate” – it’s because when you’re a kid, your mom and dad are basically superheroes.

At 28 years old, I look at everything I’ve done in my life and compare it with my mother at this age and realize – while I may have had some luxuries that didn’t exist when she was my age – we’re pretty much the same person.

This was my mother around my age. IT IS SCARY how much I look like her.

On the outside – it’s most obvious. It’s the number one reason people say – “you ARE your mother.” We both have green eyes.  We both have a beauty mark on our noses. And we’re both cursed with the double-chin effect. And when I don’t get my hands on a box of hair dye – we both have blonde hair.

And while I agree, we do look alike (and that’s again, an honour for me to take after someone so beautiful), it is her inside beauty that I love the most and that I’m ridiculously proud to have inherited. I have her to thank for my compassion and love for animals, nature, the earth, and the ocean.

one of my favourite photos of my mother – feeding a crow!

Her eagerness to travel and explore new things is something that lives in me every day. At 13, we took our first Mother Daughter trip when she took me on a plane for my first time and we went to Dominican Republic together. Mother Daughter trips since then have included, Las Vegas, Grand Manan Island, summer in Maine, New York City, and this summer – Hawaii round 2. And we make the best travelling team because when we travel – I AM my mother. I can’t get my ass out of bed before 10 am normally – on vacation? We’re both awake at 6am watching the sun come up from a beach somewhere.

The personality traits we share are uncanny but it’s her passion and fearlessness that I admire and appreciate, especially now in my late twenties. When she was in her twenties (and had been dating my father for quite some time), she could have easily settled down and gotten married after she graduated from nursing school. But no. She moved to Vancouver, British Columbia and had her own adventure.

Similarly, when I graduated from university, the “safe” thing to do would have been to get a career and settle down. I’d been with my boyfriend for two years at the time. I was in love. That’s what the sane person would do, right?

Nope. I moved to Las Vegas with nothing but two suitcases and my cat. It was my adventure. My life. My dreams.

I got that from my mama.

Of course, my mother did return eventually and she married my father – obviously, because this post wouldn’t be happening and I wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t. She returned because her own mother was sick and because at that moment, the quality I love most about my mother was needed most.

Her unbelievable ability to LOVE.

My mother is the absolute example of unconditional love. She is everything to me and I wouldn’t be who I am today without her. She embodies everything I want to be in life and every time anyone says “you are just like your mother” – it is the single most amazing compliment I could ever be given.

So today – on Mother’s Day – I want to send this one out to my beautiful Mother. Who has been by my side every step of the way. Has offered an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on when needed. A hand to hold when things got tough.

A world and a life so full of love, a lifetime of saying thanks would never be enough to repay her for being the incredible woman she is every day.

So to the beautiful woman I’m beyond lucky to have in my life – Happy Mother’s Day and I love you xo.


Instead  of doing the usual song recommendation – in honour of Mother’s Day, I’d like to share some of my favourite photos from over the years.

saw this photo for the first time tonight – love it <3

 please disregard the mushroom cut lol

please note the man the arrow is point to – the haircut and stash? I die.

 the beginning of my love for piers <3

 graduation from Dalhousie University 2008

 New York City 2010

 the night I moved to Las Vegas – ok so I lied, 2 suitcases, my cat, and mom for the first week.

It was still ballsy.

 mom’s first Coach experience in California – something I taught her <3

 Kauai <3

 Santa Monica <3

And lastly – one of my favourite photos of Mom from the 80’s

gorgeous <3

To all my lovely friends with little ones today (I’m looking at YOU Emma, J, and Jess!)  – Happy Mother’s Day. You ladies are fabulous and I know how blessed I am to have you as friends – so your children basically all hit the jackpot <3

To my mother – I’ll be picking you up at 10:00am for Mother’s Day Brunch at the Casino followed by the afternoon at the zoo!

Dress comfy and don’t forget your camera!!!

5 thoughts on “I got it from my Mama

  1. This is such a lovely post about your mama, C! :)
    Also: OMG the picture of her feeding the crow: I honestly thought it was you. SAME profile.
    Happy Mother’s Day Brenda, and C, I do believe you’re Bella’s mom so Happy Mother’s Day to you too :) XO

  2. this is beautiful Crystal!! Your mom is lucky to have a daughter like you! I have tears in my eyes, it was beautifully written!!

  3. Very nice Crystal, you are certainly a great daughter and very good at putting something like this together…..have a good one….

  4. Awwww C, what a sweet post. Your Mom sounds amazing, which isn’t at all surprising since she raised you!

    Thanks so much for the shout out…it
    means a lot! I can only hope that when D is older we will have as close a relationship and have shared as many adventures as you and your Mom!


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